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Neulasta and how long to boost White Blood cell Count

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One week after first chemo "AC" my WBC's were 2.9. I had the Neulasta shot the day after chemo. How long does it take for the neulasta to kick in?

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Hi Immo,
I have the neulasta shot 1 day after my Taxol treatments. I have bloodwork done 1 week after the shot and all my counts were good. I don't know what the usual time frame is for the neulasta to work. Hpopefully it is all good now.

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bump anyone? I do not want the chemo to drag out and am so curious. I also work in the health care field and am worried about the patients I am exposed to...

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I just finished ac and they do labs every 2 weeks on me right before chemo. My wbcs have been in the 11.0 range which they told me was related to the neulasta but I am really not sure what they are 1 wk out.

I work as a homecare nurse and my oncologist restricted who I could see for patients. I cant see anyone with any active infection, wounds infection, anyone with colonized mrsa etc etc etc...Doesnt really leave much...can see stroke patients, falls fractures, that type of thing.

Remember good handwashing obviously. You might also consider wearing a mask.

Take care

Linda T

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My white count always drops way low about a week after the chemo. 600 when it's supposed to be around 5000. But it's always back up to normal the following week after the nuelasta kicks in.

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Hi Immo. It is good to see you posting. I hope everything will be ok with you!


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neulasta i took the shot my wbc were always good i only had to take 4 of them the onc told me i didnt have to take the other 4 short i wass so happy about that . i would call and ask the onc.good luck with your chemo hugs to u

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Thanks, I was worried that it did not work for me, maybe it will be better this week.

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I receive Neulasta 48 hours after infusion. My white counts are always at their lowest 7 to 10 days after infusion. After the first week, my total WBC has been as low as 1.7 with 10 percent neutrophils. My counts are in the normal range two weeks after treatment, and very high (18) on the 21st day after treatment, or the day of the start of the next treatment cycle. The neulasta works and appears to last for more than 2 weeks. The goal is to stay on your treatment schedule and Neulasta helps that happen, even if we get lots of aches and pains from it. Good luck with staying on your chemo. schedule. Jane

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Just wanted to say hey Immo. Haven't heard from you in awhile!


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