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Breast Cancer spread to liver???

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I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Breast Cancer im 39 years old. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma,Estrogen Progestrone positive and HERS 2 positive. Was schedule for a lumpectomy this Thursday Sept 3rd, but surgeon postponed surgery due to the finding what appears to be cancer on my liver until I see an Oncologist. All other tests were clear, my bone scan, brain scan all were clear except for liver ultrasound. Surgeon says that cancer usually doeesnt spread to liver from breast, usually goes to lungs and bone first. Does anyone else have breast and liver cancer??

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been diagnosed with liver cancer along with the bc, but tuesday they told me my liver counts were real low and i wasnt almost able to get my chemo that day. They went ahead and did my treatment because they said i just had a port installed the day before and that could be it, but now im wondering. I guess when i get my labs again at my 10 day mark, ill find out more. Thanks for sharing, maybe i should bring it up to my onc.


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Hi Deb1969,

I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this at such a young age--not that being older helps. You've just been sideswiped these last few weeks. Unfortunately, I know several women with b/c that have mets to the liver. I have stage 4 b/c and I had mets to my vertebrae and now my lung. Have they removed any lymph nodes? That can give you an idea of whether it has metast. or not. Your onc. will probably have more experience in that area and will be better equipped to tell you. Like most drs. they will probably order more tests, Yuck.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers for a completely healthy liver! Hang in there.

Love and gentle hugs,


PS LOVE that puppy!

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Not had any lymph nodes removed yet they were gonna do that just before I was scheduled for the lumpectomy this coming Thursday. I suspect the oncologist will want to have a liver biopsy done, but when I had the breast biopsy the doctor looked at nodes with ultrasound and thought they looked fine.

Thank you and keep me in your prayers.


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Deb, so sorry to hear about your problems with the liver. As if having been diagnosed with breast cancer wasn't enough. Keep us up to date as things progress, and know you will be in our prayers. Someone will always be on the board to help with questions that may come up, and always there is support. Hugs,


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I am so sorry to hear, and will be thinking and praying for you!

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Yes, I have breast cancer which was diagnosed in 1993, treated with surgery and chemo, then cancer free 10 years after that... then 5 years ago it was found metastasized to liver. Yes, five years living with liver mets. So, don't despair. With a positive attitude, good medical care, and a merciful God, all things are possible.

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Soo Very Sorry to hear Of What Your Going through but,Very Happy To hear Your Doing Awesome....my MOm had breast cancer 4 years ago and now has been fighting breast cancer that has spread to the liver.she is giving it one hell of a fight...just wondering what kind of chemo that has helped you?....

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Hello I was just diagnosed with mets to liver from breast cancer, how are you doing?

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Hi, Debs,

So sorry to hear that the BC has spread to the liver. I will pray that they take care of that for you right away. That has got to be a blow. We are here for you and Calico, though.


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I just want to say how sorry I am too that the cancer has gone to your liver now. I will put you in my prayers. Please post and update us on you when you can!

♥ Noel

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Just wanted to say I am sorry you are going through this, but also to share a good story. I have a friend whose mom was dignosed with bc over 8 years ago (may be longer if I recall right). She was then dignosed with advanced liver cancer from the bc 3 years ago. She had 10% survival rate. Guess what? She beat it! She is now cancer free (for 3 years now). Thank GOD. So keep your faith strong and believe God is here to save you.

Please keep us posted. I will pray for you.

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They would need to biopsy it to see if it is liver mets. many times there are suspicious nodules on the liver and other organs that are benign.

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They would need to biopsy it to see if it is liver mets. many times there are suspicious nodules on the liver and other organs that are benign.

Lynn Smith
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Just as carkris said.Biopsy is the only way to tell. Still I am sorry.This is way to soon after your bc diagnosis to have liver mets. Wishing you the best.Will be thinking of you.Stay in touch with us.

Lynn Smith

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my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. her liver ultrasound showed a nodule that increased in size from 0.5 to 0.9 cm. but her lungs and bones are all clear. do you think the cancer spread to her liver? what procedures worked best for you?

please help. i don't want to lose my mom.

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hi I was just diagnosed with mets to liver from breast cancer. I'm trusting in the Lord for a complete healing .

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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DEb, I'm sorry you are going through this...as you know, waiting sucks. I have a spot on my liver that we've been watching for over a year. When it was originally found, testing (sorry I don't remember what, not biopsy, maybe PET) determined it was just 'fatty liver'. I hope that is the case for you.

Come back and let us know...



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My mother's first cancer was in liver, but was so tiny they did not find it.  Found it in the colon and then 5 years later it was in her throat, 5 years after that it was big enough to show in the liver.  5 years later, to her breast and lungs.  Stage IV in lungs.  We lost her after 4 months.  She was a fighter.

I am fighting breast cancer now.  It's rough.  Now I am having trouble with my liver.  I dont think cancer gives a crap about rules followed.  It's evil.


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