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Davinci Surgery 08/18/2009

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I had my Davinci surgery on August 18th at Florida Hospital, Celebration Health. The surgeon, Dr Patel the director of the Global Robotics Institute, his staff and the hospital were great. I highly recommend them if you are considering the davinci surgery rout.

The experience thus far has been almost exactly as it was explained to me by the staff, the seminars and reading material on the Global robotics website. The day of the surgery I was met by Dr Patel’s concierge at the hospital, she escorted my wife and I to the prep room and explained all that was going to happen that morning and during the day. The surgery nurse came and met me, the anesthesiologist met me and then before I knew it I was off in la la land. I was out for approximately 5 hours; Dr Patel called my wife to let her know how the surgery went. The nursed contacted her and gave her an update and she was there when I woke up.

I spent a day at the hospital, got up and walked the same day and ate small amounts of Jello and soft stuff. I agree with all of you that have said the biggest irritation was the catheter but it is followed closely by the constipation / bloated feeling for the first few days. The first week is just no fun, no way to get around that.

I got the catheter out on Monday August 24th..yea and while the first day was leaky, the days and nights since have been better and better. I have been relatively dry at night with most of my issues coming when I cough, laugh or sneeze and some when I walk around. Still, there has been improvement almost every day.

My pathology report came back the cancer being a Gleason 3+4 =7, with a small amount of cancer (pin head size) emerged from my prostate capsule; no signs in the margins or in the lymph nodes. It was in 20% of the prostate upper left area and they had to take the nerves in that area to insure a good sampling of tissue in the margins. They spared the nerves on the right side.

So, not a perfect report, but an encouraging report. The physician’s assistant repeatedly said to me that it was good that I took the action I did when I did as a delay would have definitely increased my risk. I am hopeful being that my PSA was 5.0 when I started this process in May and one of 12 samples were positive. Reading some of the post today I can see that the report I received does not give me any guarantee, but like I have been told, definitely reduces the risk.

My wife and I went to a seminar the day of my pathology / catheter follow-up on erectile dysfunction and urinary continence and it was encouraging to hear there was hope for the future. I have a concern regarding the nerves taken out but listening to the speakers and the discussion refocused me on the solutions, not the problem. It’s going to take time….

Speaking of hope, the hospital just help reinforce it with their huge pictures and murals of Jesus’ involvement in healing and the guiding of the doctors hands. I have a strong faith, and it brought me allot of comfort knowing I was in a hospital that was not afraid to express its’ beliefs but then again reached out across denominations and faiths in expressing God’s love. It was truly a unique experience.

I pray for all of you that are walking through this experience, no matter what part of the process you are in.

Thank you all for the post and information. It is so helpful.

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NB, Our numbers sound almost identical. My path was also 3+4 7 20% of the prostate involved with cancer. Dr. spared 100% of nerve bundle on one side and 50 - 70% on the other side.
I have one positive margin. Since getting my cath out I've been 100% Dry so I'm sure you will continue to improve in that area.


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nb, glad to hear that things went well. I am having my surgery November 6 by Dr. Patel at Florida Hospital as well. I was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago by Dr. Patel who performed my second biopsy in 4 months. My PSA went from 2 to 9.1 in the past 7 months. The last biopsy found a gleason of 4 + 3= 7 but it was only in 20 % of one of the 12 samples. I am hopeful that it will go as smoothly as yours did. Any other advise? We live in Clearwater about an hour and a half away and are debating whether to stay a couple of days after the surgery in Orlando. Thanks for the update and continued good luck.

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We got a room at the hotel across the street (Mona Lisa) for the night before and the night of the surgery. It made it easy for my wife as she had a place to go during the surgery and while I was in recovery. Dr Patel and his staff will keep in touch with those who are waiting to hear. My wife did not stay overnight at the hospital the day of the surgery, she went back to the room. The nurses and care staff are outstanding, they treat you like you are the only patient they have. I was pretty low maintenance due to not having any issues but I hear that that is the norm, not the exception.

Make sure to eat light the days coming up to the surgery. I ate chicken soup, jello etc just so my system was ready for the gastro prep. You will hear this advise several times from the care team....drink water and walk early after your surgery. Follow it as it worked for me, no issues with my bladder and I had no problems with the catheter. I'll give you some cath tips too...I learned them as I went. Keep it "flowing"; the bag below, not level, not almost level, below your waist. Check it for flow and make sure it does not back up.

I am getting drier every day and seeing some good signs in the ed area already with the viagra. I go to see Dr P on Monday for my follow-up visit. I would have liked to be completely dry but....not yet.

Wishing you the best brother..

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