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Making Love Again

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As I have said many times since I was diagnosed with PC on June 25th this forum has been an extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive group. My decision for surgery and the Dr. I chose have been as a result of the information learned here. The discussions of each man's journey have opened me to research and discussions that before had never been a part of my life.

There have been many publications mentioned here and I have looked into or ordered many of them.

I have always maintained that getting rid of the cancer was to me a forgone conclusion, but rather I wanted a "Quality of Life Afterward."

My search for information has led me to the book, "Making Love Again". Written by Virginia and Keith Laken, it is a true story written by a husband and wife who have journeyed through the process of PC and surgery and the search for Quality of Life and Love.

I ordered it 2 days ago, it arrived last evening and I read it completely from cover to cover with my morning coffee today.

It is not just about the mechanics of sex, but rather the search for intimacy, loving, caring and compassion that we all seem to take for granted or let slip from our lives as we go about living from day to day.

I feel so blessed with having the chance to read this before my surgery.

No matter where you are in the process; waiting for treatment, had the treatment, having ED issues or not, I feel that this is must read for every husband and wife.

My wife's cancer Dr. felt the need to postpone her Stem Cell Transplant by a week because she had the sniffles in July of 2006. When my wife expressed displeasure about having to extend our already lengthy (14 weeks)stay in Houston, the Dr. responded with words that have guided me almost daily.


I feel that this book was placed in my path because of my search for another book that was mentioned on this forum.

Take a minute, look it up on your own, and give it a thought.

I promise that no matter what you glean from reading this, great or small, each of us will learn something about having a more fulfilling, stronger and loving relationship with our significant others.

Thanks guys,


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Thanks for the referal to "Making Love Again". I found it at the local library and read it over the weekend. The psycological and personal feelings side of PC does not get proper attention and book has great insights. Thanks again for sharing.

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4MYGUY, I am glad you found the book to your liking. My wife has also read it since this weekend and has stated it made her much more aware of the things we may have to deal with.

We have had some very open and frank discussions since I was diagnosed in June, however, this book has opened other channels that are extremely important to the long term survival and continued evolving of a loving 2 way relationship.

Our conversations about the cancer and the mechanics of dealing with it are probably on a much higher level than most couples. My wife has had cancer since November 2005 and has undergone chemo, radiation and stem cell transplants. All of these things have affected our sex life and we have had to deal with each as they arose. We both found the book provided us with further insights on dealing with these issues. Fortunately (or unfortunately - depending on how you view it) for us, our having to deal with sexual issues has prepared us somewhat. We have taken our relationship to a much higher degree of emotional satisfaction than most couples and truly believe that, "EVERY DAY IS A BONUS".

Good luck to you and your guy. May your life be filled with blessings. My wife and I approach every day as a continued blessing of our 29 year relationship.


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I plan to check out Making Love Again. Sounds like it would be appropriate for our situation too. My wife of 35 years is currently undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. We have both been supportive of each other and we have approached our "journey" with positive attitudes and done a lot of praying. Thanks for sharing.

Good luck to you and your spouse, as you said "Every day is a bonus"


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