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Tumor between the bile duct and pancreas

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I found out today that my dad's tumor (Cancer) has spread into his pancreas and that they can not do surgery. It's position is between the pancreas and his bile duct and therefore there is nothing they can do. Dr said they will use palliative measures to keep him comfortable.

How am I supposed to tell my dad this? He is currently not in pain or known that he discloses. He is very Jaundice and has had a stent placed to relieve the obstruction. He is EXTREMELY light headed and can't really get around much. He refuses to use a wheel chair because he is waiting for these "symptoms" (as he calls them) to go away. And now I have to tell him they aren't going away...they will just get worse? I think it's going to tear him down quicker than anything knowing he has Cancer and there is nothing they can do to try to cure it. Oh God, how do you help someone stay positive about that? I don't know. I'm trying to stay strong myself for him but that's completely tearing me to pieces!

How aggressive is Pancreatic Cancer? What should we expect?

We have a dr appt next week to go over the findings but I just feel so lost now. What can I do to help prepare my dad for the devastating news that awaits him?!?!? Please...any suggestions will help. He is 86 and is showing signs of depression already.

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If the following is true;

  1. The Nanoknife (or IRE) can zap a tumor away from the arteries, and possibly change your status from inoperable to operable.



  1. IRE destroys tumors using intense bursts of electricity while leaving healthy tissues of the body unharmed.

  2. This irreversible damage causes the cancer cells to die, while nearby nerves, ducts and blood vessels remain unharmed.

  3. Doctors are using IRE to treat primary and metastatic liver cancer, as well as soft tissue tumors in the lung, prostate, head and neck, kidney and pancreas.

  4. The procedure can be repeated if new tumors occur.

  5. Doctors can treat otherwise inoperable tumors.

  6. The treatment requires only a brief stay in the hospital, usually overnight.


I contend, If That since I had 14 tumors showing on my first ct and if we would have zapped 2 a week along with chemo (which has been working well for me), I would be in a lot better shape right now. Cured? I don’t know. Hopefully whatever the Nanoknife didn’t kill, the chemo would. I believe, if the Nanoknife killed all visible tumors and chemo mopped up, this combination may save some stage IV patients or at least give them a longer lease on life (especially if started right away).

I want to pursuit this as an option. Like I stated earlier, chemo was been going well for me, but I am still told my prognosis is 2 years, tops. Even if I have 30 tumors now, zapping them at 2-3 a week I feel that prognosis should improve.

         I understand the current use is to zap tumors away from the arteries, and possibly change your status from inoperable to operable, I believe mainstreaming it’s use along with chemo will save lives.

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You are so wonderful to be there with your dad.  It is so hard to be a caregiver.  It is so hard to watch a loved one suffer.  Dont tell him, let the doctor tell him but be there to hold his hand.  It's ok to cry.  It's normal to be scared.  HOWEVER<  find the time you have left with your dad to laugh and talk about everything you ever wanted to talk about.  LISTEN, he will have things to say.  They might mean nothing to you at first or upset you. But listen to him and respect his choices.  He will need to know he has you there.  Someone to trust.  Someone he knows will understand him.  Pray for peace and undertanding for the both of you.  and it is ok to get a second opinion about that diagnosis.  but it's up to your dad. 

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