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Hope for erections after prostate surgery-3yrs 2mos later!!

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Here's some good news!

After 3yrs 2 months right out of nowhere in the middle of the night I was awakened by the first ever nighttime Erection since my surgery.

Now ,
I have been getting okay erections for the last 2 years, but I haven't had a spontaneous erection in my sleep since my surgery.

It actually amazed me and I am sharing this just as evidence that the way the human body works is very complicated.

3years 2 months---first nightime erection-----no Cialis----Go figure!!!!


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HURRAH For you!!!


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It's been almost a year for me and I know that there is always hope. Now thanks to your post I'm even more optimistic. Thank you

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That is a very god news.It took almost one year for me ,but now with the help of viagra it is
120% with out viagra it is about 80% there is hope for every one just need to take easy.

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I will periodically use Cialis to ensure the descent erections continue.


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It has been almost 4 months post surgery for me (DaVinci), am taking Cialis with no results. I am being patient and thinking about a different drug.

jim (shubbysr)

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Your doctor may have told you more than mine told me, which was very little about using Cialis. But I read somewhere in these blogs that you need 'stimulation' to make Cialis work well, and that seems to be true. I don't know if that applies to V or Lavitra also.

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I had radical prostatectomy six months ago. It's good to read that a lot of you are able to have an erection after one year. Did any of you have the radical who are now able to have an erection after one year? From what I have read from research on the internet, the surgery I had is not always nerve sparing even though your urologist practices nerve sparing. There is no guarantee because of the proximity of the nerves that control erections. I realize I threw the dice and maybe I won or maybe not.

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Did you do any specific rehab program during the first year or so?

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