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Synthroid side effects

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So I'm 24 years old and had a total thyroidectomy almost 2 years ago due to papillary cancer. I go see my endo every three months for blood work and my levels are never right two years later. Right now I'm currently taking 175mcg of synthroid. I've been having really bad headaches, still feel tired all the time, and sometimes have very crazy mood swings. I just snap at all the small things that used to never bother me. I have three kids who are two, five, and seven which has been really hard on. My husband has been really great but I need to know if its just me or is this happened to anyone else? My dotor just seems to blame it on stress but I'm not stressed out. I just want to be me again and feel normal again. I think its because of the synthroid any suggestions or others stories would really be helpful!!!!

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I am so sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Perhaps it is hormonal. Would you consider taking a small dose of an antidepressant? There are some really good ones out there.

Try to log your headaches to see what time in your menstrual cycle they fall. Start taking advil as soon as your period begins and it will help your headaches.

Keep asking your doctors questions. If you did not feel this way prior to your thyroidectomy, than perhaps it is the synthroid. Don't give up...keep after your doctors.

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Synthroid provides one thing--T4 hormone. It is the same hormone a healthy thyroid gland produces. Unless you're allergic to the dye in the pills your symptoms are probably unrelated.

The ONLY side effects you are likely to have with Synthroid are hyper or hypo--too much or too little. Hyper symptoms include heart palps, rapid pulse, sudden onset fatigue that goes away fairly quickly, and a few other minor ones. Hypo symptoms are chronic fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, and a few other minor ones.

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I had a TT Almost 11 years ago Same type of cancer Palpetory sorry for the spelling I am a Marathon runner have run 10 marathons since The most important thing is to see the doctor to get the blood levels right Was doing 175 for the longest time now doing 150 No problems Speak to the doctor about the problems maybe he can do something for you I know what the mood swings are about went through that myself was not a great person to be around

Good Luck


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do you have excessive dry skin and swelling of the feet? I am taking 150 mcg of levothyroxine and my TSH level has gone from 17 to 34? What does that indicate? I am a survivor of over 10 years.

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since I've been taking my pills too, I've also had mood swings, felt tired all the time, never have the ambition to do anything, weight changes all the time. Its crazy, it just feels as if this whole thing has taken over my whole life.

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I had my thyroidectomy completion Jan 8 2009 and RAI in late Feb.... as of August 2009 My Levothyroxine levels have been "correct" lol but I still don't feel "correct" lmao The wierdest thing... is every day for the first 3 to 4 hours after I take my levothyroxine I want to throw up... lmao don't know what that's about but it never fails to mak me sick lmao Still gaining weight... and I've even put myself on a strict diet.. .lmao yet no luck lmao. Everyday I basically just try to pretend everything's "okay" lmao because I very quickly become sick and tired of being sick and tired of being exhausted and 'moody' My Primary Care provider put me on an anti-depressant... but it has yet to work... lmao
rambling lmao
anyways... I hear ya!
Sounds like ya got your hands full with those children! :-D Just don't forget to keep some time everyday for yourself to 'reboot' as I call it. ;)
I have a 2 yr old and am single mom ... so can somewhat, in my own way hear where you're comin from lol
Take care,

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Hi Sally,
Have you ever tried taking your Levothyroxine in the evening instead of the am? I've had a touchy stomach for years, and I always take meds in the evg. if possible - stomachs are tougher then - the only trouble is you will have to eat supper kind of early cause you have to wait 4 hours after to take the pill. I asked my GP and they said it was fine to take it in the evg. "if it worked for me".
If you are taking a few meds you might also have a sensitive stomach - might want to look into a bland diet that doesn't irritate it so much, eg. avoid coffee, alcohol, spicy, greasy foods, raw veggies, fibre. Good luck

Millie from RI
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Dear Cjsgirl025,
I just recently had my whole thyroid removed last Aug. 24, 2009. My doctor prescribed Synthrod 125, but it is not working. I also have a bad mood swing, I cried many times.
the only things that could calm me is thinking about tomorrow will be a better day, and wine would help too (:
I have bad headache especially at the back of my head, brain fog, hair loss fatigue.
The doctor will ignore you and blaiming it to something else. Hang on there.
I hope someone can tell us any natural hormone available.

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Are you on birth control? I've been on Synthroid 75 for 6 years, and birth control for 17 years. I'm in my early 30's. I started noticing for the past year, I was becoming someone I'm not, cranky, snappy with my Son, annoying my husband because I was so short with patience. I went off the birth control in August, and now 2 months later my life has changed. I'm using other forms of protection....so not changed like with a baby! The mood swings are gone and I feel happy again.

I had a lobectomy 13 days ago and my synthroid is up to 100. I'm meeting with the DR on WED to set a date to remove the left half. Still no crankyness or mood swings- and the stress keeps piling on.

If you are on BC, I suggest going off of it for 3 months and using another form of protection. I've discovered that doctors only care about what they are treating you for that is their specialty. If it's not something they can box you in, you must be crazy and need anti-depressents. I wish they would look at all the medications we take, and see us for a person not just a stat.

In the 2 months since my quality of life has improved 100%, and I'm saying that as I just got the thyroid cancer news. I think you'll be a lot more happy and less hormonal!

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Do THYCA usually have problem with synthroid adjustments at first?

How do I know that my synthroid gets adjusted and then I finally feel great?

I usually am careful and calm/rational to my precious family members but outside of home, when I see some very rude people, well...oh boy... lol

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Check the name brand.........i was taking generic and my hair keep falling out and i was having lots of muscle pain and bone pain and feeling blue.....then i switch to brand name only and after 2 months i felth the difference...still tire but doctor added cytomel in addition to the synthoid

Good luck

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I'm there with you girl. My endo does not attribute the mood swings to the Synthroid - but I'm not sure I buy that. I feel for everyone around me because I just don't handle stress well these days (had my first surgery & total Thyroidectomy in Feb 04) and I still have mood swings. I take.112 x2 daily and my Endo says ONLY Synthorid. He says with cancer history no other med is safe. Got a second opinon on that from another Endo and he said same. I'm now batteling the hives - had them basically every day since Aug 11 - however in Feb this year was told no active cancer so that has been GREAT. Now to get rid of the weight and mood swings. I did the anti-depresents but the side effect of those are not pretty for me either - MORE weigtht gain, no libdo, prohibits climax, etc. NOT good for the marriage. I think our partners or care givers have it worse than we do at times! I scream at my adorable Grandkids sometimes I get so tired and irritable! - This is not pretty but I pray for strength, recovery, and go to support meetings to keep my perspective. I'm so lucky I've never lost my voice. It's several octives lower now (I say I'm SEXY tee hee) but it's still there and I'm thankful every day for that. Dr.s were surprised after 4th surgery - but I know my Lord is with me always and will keep me where I need to be. Hang in there. We can overcome the big C together. Thyca is a great organization and has great info on their site too.

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To OP -
I don't know if this will help, but sometimes synthroid goes stale (see book Complete Thyroid - sorry dont have full title); especially with heat/dryness; and you cant get it too cold either. I have had it get so bad, it is basicaly not working at all -which would make you hypo and therefore tired (and all tired people can get cranky). Just a thought, that might not be it, but wish you the best

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I had surgery in July of 2009 and had RAI in August. It has been awful trying to get my meds regulated. I decided to go to a Compound Pharmacy so they could customize the T3 and T4 levels. I wanted to make sure I was getting both. As far as the hormones go, they have been wacky. I talked to some women who went through RAI and they said it put them into early menopause. I have been putting on a natural progesterone cream and this seems to be helping, especially during pms. I hope this helps. We have to be pro-active. If I waited for my Dr. to come up with solutions, etc... I would be in real trouble. It takes alot of research and talking to other people who have gone through it.

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I have also been having headaches since meds changed from Cytomel to Synthroid - in addition to that, missing periods and other issues. When I called my doctor to say I missed my period, he told me to take a pregnancy test (duh), I had already taken three all negative. The synthroid pamphlet says contact the doctor immediately if you have menstral changes, but he wants me to keep taking it. Thyroid hormone will have an effect on your moods - (I know that being underactive can cause depression). Good luck - if you find anything out, please let me know.

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I am a medical assistant and the last office I worked at was using Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in some cases instead of the other synthroid methods. There are still questions weather or not either is better than the other, BUT in my personal experience with people getting both the average person seam to respond faster and maintain these levels with the Bioidentical Hormone Therapy. The problem is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is not covered by some insurances and there are not many DR's that are certified in the process which is required. That I know of the only place to get the Bioidentical Hormone Therapy pellets that are required for the implants in the hip are in Solutions Pharmacy in Chattanooga TN. There are only 3 DR's in the state of Oregon that I know that do this procedure and I may be wrong about this, but there are not very many. Check into i, it could be the differents needed. I am not a DR but have witness first hand and assisted in the procedures. Check it out it couldn't hurt. Like I said I am not sure if this would be the thing for you but the DR was telling my wife who has had her throid and parathroid both remove that this could be the best thing for her.

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ok i looked into it

basicaly it is the same as armour thyroid replacement..
in other words Natural desicated pig or cow thyroid.
these are branded as Nature-Throid™ and Westhroid™ as well.
most of the bio-identical are from plants that have been MODIFIED to be idential to natural thyroid hormones (

how they claim bio-identical is the fact they are natural thyroid instead of synthetic (like synthroid and cytomel)

the bioidential hormone therapy Cobolman is talking about is for difrent things not thyroid or parathyroid.

solutions pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy so they can change the form of your meds to a difrent type (patch,liquid,pill,strength ect)

I am also curious at Cobolmans's post stating about his wife with thyroid and parathryoid both removed... I would assume being a medical assistant he would at least know its thyroid and 4 parathyroids.

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Ummm yeah nasher, I was pondering the same thing. MA's should typically know there are 4 parathyroids and 1 thyroid. I don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence, but Medical Assisting is one of my certificates and we learn this in Anatomy 101. Synthroid, in my opinion is one of the best medications out there. Armour is still used for those that have been taking it for many years and don't want to make the switch. The truth is that there is also a slight buzz associated with the Armour medication. The older generation that takes it is hooked on that buzz. Can't say as I would be interested in ingesting pig thyroid. No offense to anyone that does, just not for me. Love bacon, but......

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I am on .025 mcgs of Synthroid per day. The docs have decided I don't need any more than that. What I DO have are the headaches that seem to disappear by late afternoon or early evening.

I take the Synthroid at about 5:00 a.m, go back to sleep for about an hour then get up and have breakfast. Never thought my headaches could be due to the synthroid though.

I am being given the Levox version, not the name brand. Wonder if this is the reason.



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I have had the same issues and the headaches totally suck. I do find that they coincide with hormone changes in my cycle, so that may be the culprit... but it still is weird that they started after the TT and have not stopped (I'm 6 months out). My doc is not concerned at all, which kind of also sucks - since I feel strongly that they are related. If I learn anything, I will let you know!

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with all the health issues I am curently dealing with ok I have a mild headake now and then.

for me, I think they are unrelated to synthroid... I am also on cytomel great combo btw.

as for the armour buzz that is probably cause pig and cow thyroid normaly have higher doses of T3 than human thyroid. Again talk to your doctors about seeing if they will put you on a synthroid/cytomel combo. For me it picked up my energy and helped with the depression.

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One thing to look into is seeing if maybe adding T3 (Cytomel) to your regimen would help. Some people can take T4 (Synthroid) but it doesn't convert to T3. When you don't have T3, nasty things happen. I'm biased. T3 literally saved my life

(currently still have thyroid, but have hypothyroidism)

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subject says it all

I asked my endo if i could do a synthroid/cytomel combo... I showed him a few articles i printed out about the combo. He mentioned he had heard it helps some people and allowed me to try it... I think it help me even if its just a placebo-effect.

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After reading a lot of posts on this subject I am convinced that I will take my Endo up on his offer to try the T3, T4 combo.
Thanks everyone,

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Hang in there cjsgirl025! I was just like you. I had my cancerous thyroid removed when I was 24 years old. In 1988!!! YES 23 years ago! There is light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there girl! You can do this! I am also on synthroid 175 now..... I didnt experience the mood swings but I didnt have three kids and a husband. Take time for yourself and lots of prayer! I hope you are doing well now....

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