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Husband is stage 4 survivior going strong!! (2 1/2 years)

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I wanted to share.. I think there have really been some cure advancments in this disease.
My husband is going on 2 1/2 years NED since his stage4 colon cancer
diagnosis & liver resection. He had 13 lymph nodes removed.6 inch of colon,and 60% of his liver.
He is a happy patient at USC Norris Hospital.
He has not had any problems since his liver surgery 2 1/2 years ago.
He is strong, sharp as a tack,and looks great. The reason for my post
is to share our positive story. When he was initally diagnosed I read all the bad statistics on the internet and I got so scared I had major anxiety and probably caused my body alot
of damage.I knew nothing about this disease and I thought he could die at any given moment.Now I really believe that he has beat this, and my kids will have there
Daddy around!!

I plan on posting every 6 months on his status!

God Bless

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I'm also a stage 4 survivor with 60% of my liver's right lobe and 20 lymph nodes removed. I was diagnosed May 08 and so far so good NED.

Your sharing is sure nice for me to hear.


Fight for my love
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It's great to hear your husband is doing very well.I agree with you,when we didn't know anything about the disease and the new medical technique nowadays,the old statistics will scare people very badly.Thank you very much for sharing the story,this will inspire lots of people who are still in this journey.

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It sure makes me feel better about things. I hope he keeps going strong.


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I love to read these stories. Thank you for sharing and giving us all hope.

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Thanks so much for sharing, it is so encouraging to me, being diagnosed this year with Stage 4, that I have so much more hope for everything now. I hope he has many more years with NED!


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Thank you for sharing that inspiring story! I'm so happy for your family, and I hope you have MANY more years together.


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Paula G.
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Thanks for sharing... My husband is stage 4 liver really involved mets to both lungs and a spot on his right adrenal gland. We do no that the liver has gone down in size. He just finished his #12 treatment of FOLFOX + Avastin. We are going in tomorrow to a new Onc. for a second opinion and also more of a team approach. Your sharing gives us hope. Thanks again. Paula

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That means so much to me and alot of us here on this board. To hear such great news and to know there is hope for a normal life again, its beyond words. I am glad your hubby is doing so well, I pray I get to be there one day too. I am currently NED, awaiting my 3 month check up in Oct. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thanks and God bless

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Well this is the perfect story that everyone wants to write :)

A wonderful story indeed and it will help people to show that a normal life can be had again from this disease.

Thanks so much for sharing your story.


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I'm stage 4 with mets to liver. DX'd in March 2009. REsponding very well to chemo to the point that Liver resection is back on the table. Thanks for sharing positive news. It's so hard to hear "palliative care", survuval rates etc for Stage 14 Colon Cancer


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I do not post often but I read the posts. I am very happy to hear about your husband. I know how you feel because I was the same way when I read the statistics but since I have been reading these posts I realize that there is hope and how many people go through the same thoughts. Sometimes I feel very frustrated not knowing what to expect.
My husband was diagnosed June 08 stage IV and had part of the colon and right lobe and left segment removed. He is doing well and back out to work. Last scan showed some nodules to lung however, Dr. does not think that there is anything to worry about. His next scan is October and then the Dr. would hopefully make a definite evaluation on the nodes and be able to remove them if it is the recurrence of the cancer.
Glad to know that you would keep posting to keep us updated on his progress.

Keep praying

God bless

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I was diagnosed with rectal stage 4 july -09 . i was so down ,but after i read some of this stories ,i feel now that i have a chance , theres is no words to describe how much your storie means to me, thank you so much

god bless


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Thanks for posting such great news! It is good for us to hear.

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Great news. When one wins, we all win!! God Bless and keep us posted.

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