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Head and Neck Cancer

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all out there:

Another update! My husband saw his radiation oncologist on Tues. and everything looked good. He was very pleased. He was even more pleased that he had quit smoking! It was four weeks yesterday for him. Told him he needed to gain weight, but that was part of it. He has his follow-up pet scan scheduled for next Tues. Sept. 1 at 8:00 a.m. The doctor told him he probably should have a follow up with his ENT doctor which somewhat baffled me, but being the basket case wife I am I called the radiation oncologists office and asked why. Seems since the ENT was the dr. that made the original diagnosis, the rad. onc. just thought it probably was a good thing to do. So my husband is going to wait till he gets the results from the pet scan and then make that appt. He doesn't have to see the rad. onc. until Nov. 25 as he's on the three month schedule with both him and the reg. onc. now. He sees the reg. onc. on Sept. 17. Thanks for all your prayers out there and say a prayer for the pet scan next Tues. I, of course, will be on pins and needles. Ironically enough, his next appt. on Nov. 25 will be exactly a year since we met the radiation oncologist! Take care and thanks again.


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Time for the happy dance!!!

Take care,


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Great news Jan we are all happy for you and will continue to keep both of you in our prayers

God Bless

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