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relapsed once already, please lord not again!

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My name is allison and I was diagnosed with Stage 4B hodgkins in june of 2007 went through 12 cycles fo ABVD went into remission to only find out that 3mths later that the cancer was back and it had spread. The next step was a stem cell transplant at the Mayo Clinic in minnesota which is an amazing place, definetly the place you want to be if you have cancer.Had the transplant and everything went pretty good, was pretty sick for a while and lost alot of weight but got stronger and better everyday. It has been a little over a yr now and it seems like I get sick or get infections ALOT! Which I am sure it is side effects from the transplant but I am at my wits end. To make things worse I am having some of the symptoms which brought me to the Dr. before diagnosis. I have been having chest pain and a feeling like I can't get a good breath also I have been really itchy all over I am starting to get scared. I feel like I am either calling my doct. about something or at the doct. and I don't want to seem like a hypocondriac but my sixth sense tells me that it is back what should I do?

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I would go to the doctor to reassure yourself. I will pray that everything tunrs up good for you:) I would not be worried about being considered a hypocondriac, worry about yourself, always. In the event that a first stem cell/BMT does not work, are there other options? I am getting a BMT in the future and am scared as well.

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I forget what it is called but a had the transplant where they use your own stem cells so I think if this fails then the next step is a donor bone marrow transplant, which scares me because the chance of that working is about 35 to 40 percent. I guess I need to try and stay positive but I know my body and every single time I thought something was wrong there was.

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Hi Allison,

Sorry to hear of the difficulty and anxiety you're experiencing. I had a Stem Cell Transplant in February for a recurring NHL and have had many of the same issues you're describing including several episodes of frightening shortness of breath, tiredness, pain in unusual places, mild infections, etc. I was diagnosed with Anemia a few weeks ago, mostly a very low Hemoglobin condition which causes the shortness of breath, muscle and joint pain, etc. I received a shot that encourages the Marrow to produce the red cells and it seems to be getting the job done, though it's side effects are similar to Neupogen which causes the Marrow to go into overdrive and has associated headaches, bone pain, etc. I had this condition while I was undergoing the Transplant so it doesn't come as a complete surprise, but still.
I've noticed that it doesn't take much for me to begin to worry about another recurrance even though I don't usually think or dwell on my cancer daily, nearly any symptom, pain, low fever, etc and I find myself looking for lumps and bumps and feeling very anxious.
I'm also concerned that the Anemia could be being caused by some other underlying factor, but I've researched Anemia and it's association with a BMT, strong Full Body Radiation, Chemo etc and will be talking to the Oncologist about it on Tuesday when I get the next Red Cell shot.

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