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Things NOT to do during CHEMO

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Several questioned me about this.

Cat Litter: Cat litter (dirty) contains a parasitic bacteria that is very dangerous to pregnant women and during chemo. I received a booklet, which I have since thrown away, that said not to clean cat litter during chemo.

Oysters: Oysters contain a bacteria that attacks your liver. If the oysters are not cooked thoroughly, you can become very ill. Someone said no shellfish. I ate shrimp, lobster and scallops.

Dirt / Soil: Again, soil contains bacteria as does potting soils, fresh flowers, etc. If your WBC's are low and you receive a cut while working in the garden, you can become quite ill with a blood borne bacteria. I got fresh flowers many times during the last 7 months.

There was a lot more, but that's the three things I would have certainly done during chemo. A friend told me she was not allowed to eat the flesh of fresh fruits, tomatoes, lettuce, etc., and no berries. I ate Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. almost every day.

Please add anything you were told to avoid.

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I am always eating strawberries, and melons and tomatoes, I though fruit and veggies were supposed to be good for you! now that scares me. I love lettuce and tomatoe sandwiches. There's food on there that would be hard for me to stop eating, that's for sure! Thanks for posting this Diane.


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I would think Cat Litter would be the most serious concern. I believe it can be inhaled (Toxoplasmosis) so have someone else do that job for you. Hubby read the information booklet and took over the job before I began chemo. Now it's MY turn again. :o)

Just wash the skins and rinse the berries well. That's what I did and I ate loads and loads of the healthy stuff!

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Interesting on changing the cat litter box- I've always been the one to do it in our house & am still the one to take care of it. I remember hearing back when I was pregnant that I shouldn't do it, but still did it because it didn't get done otherwise! I guess it's now time to dictate that job to someone else. I can't see my husband ever doing it- he'll put it off on the kids and it won't get done & I'll just end up doing it anyhow! (yes, you can hear my frustration here!)


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Yes, I hear your frustration. At the very least you should wear a mask when you clean the box. You can use a scarf or bandana or something similar if you don't have a mask. Any time your immune system is compromised, cat box cleaning should be delegated but I know what you mean - If you want a job done right - or done at all - you have to do it yourself.
As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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shave my legs with a razor...no more mani/pedi's.... going into crowds...coloring my hair. Patti

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Eating berries is good,because they are one of the best weapons to kill cancer cells.

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