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Jobs for cancer survivors

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I had back to back bouts of cancer which took me out of the workplace for the better part of three years. Now that I am fine, I can't find a job, and of course, i can't mention my cancer experience.

Anyone know of any resources or websites I can go to. Anyone know of job opening in the broadcast field? Thanks...

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I sure don't have any answers for you, but I would love to know the answer to that question as well, and how can you tell if they're scams or not, I would love to go back to work when I can, but I know no one is going to hire me because of my sickness, which is sad, because I just graduated from going back to school after to 2 years with an Associates Degree in Medical Office Administration, and now I have a loan, a degree, had a job which I had to quit because of my cancer, and now all that was done for nothing :(

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Hello there:

I don't have answers but I hope something will work out for you. I find this topic interesting. I still work full-time, in fact, my employer let someone go today at 3 pm and gave me the majority of their work to do, so that has given me extra job security - that's how it was presented to me (I thought, thanks for the present). I have to be thankful that it wasn't me who was let go and I feel for the person who lost his/her job. I do think about trying to do some work if/when the day comes that I have to retire and go on disability. I've looked into some of those "work from home" deals on the internet and I think most of them are some kind of scam or is something that is not going to help you. I looked at one a week or so ago and it had a really low introductory price, like $1.95 and then after you read the fine print, you see where it had a monthly account fee of nearly $70 - I thought, there's no way. Maybe there will be more discussion on this topic -there's got to be others out there who want to do some kind of work and can't find anything. Thanks for listening. Have a good evening/day. R

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The guy who runs this company Dan Walker Enterprises (aka DWE, Inc.) is "Danger Dan", former Chicago radio deejay. I happened to meet him years ago at a fund-raiser for leukemia research. You know his business better than I do and know best how to approach him about ideas for returning to the field.

Walker, Danger Dan - formerly of WEFM-FM 99.5, WKQX-FM 101.1, WJMK-FM 104.3 and WPNT-FM 100.3, currently off air living in suburban Chicago, IL. He runs his own radio consulting and voiceover business ("Dan Walker Enterprises"), located in West Chicago, IL. (updated 04.22.05)

Dan Walker Enterprises Inc
245 W. Roosevelt Rd. Bldg 15 Suite 117
West Chicago, Illinois 60185
United States
Website: www.audionewsletter.com

Dan Walker Enterprises, Inc. is the nation's premier producer of custom audio and video communications. Our clients range from Fortune 500 firms to single-owner businesses. We are dedicated to providing Corporate America custom programming specifically designed to:
Our staff consists of seasoned broadcast professionals - specialists in the production of highly produced, very creative, attention-grabbing audio and video pieces. It is our mission to provide a variety of custom marketing and communications tools thoughtfully engineered to help our clients grow business.

Have you given any thought to how you will explain your time off? What will you say on a prospective employer's application for group health insurance? I've been there, and it eventually comes out, one way or another.

Good Luck!


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