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Mylenoma on calf

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In May 2008, my dermatologist took a biopsy of a suspicious mole that had practically "disappeared" from the back of my right calf. Test results showed that I had a stage 4 melanomia. My rating was actually "4.73" and I opted for surgery. My doctor removed a 4x2-inch section from my calf. It has taken an incredibly LONG time for this to heal. Lately, I've had a "gnawing" sensation and a few shooting pains underneath my scar on my calf. I went in for a recheck, but the dermatologist said there was nothing to worry about because "he got it all." I'm still worried! Has anyone experienced pains a year and a half after surgery? I wonder if this is either phantom pain or where my nerves were cut. Of course, my major worry is that a tiny bit of the cancer is now starting to grow! CAN ANYONE PLEASE ADVISE ME!? Signed: Worried Dinah in Dayton

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