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abnormal cells

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I was just informed that my pap test came back with "abnormal cells", this is the second test, and frankly I'm scared to death. I have another Dr. appointment in 2 weeks but I am going crazy worrying. Does anyone know what this means? Has this happened to anyone else? Does this mean I have cancer? HELP! I really need some answers, and my doctor is "too busy" to give them to me. Thanks.

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Please don't get too crazy until you've had some additional tests done. Ask your friends or just mention it when you're getting your hair done or at church, and you will find half the women have had an abnormal PAP test in their lives. So take some comfort in that. It's probably nothing.

That being said, DON'T let your gynecologist take a 'wait and see' attitude that she'll re-test you in 3 months or 6 months or something. Ask for another PAP, a sonogram, and an endometrial biopsy. If you've had any OTHER symptoms (abnormal bleeding, watery discharge, bloating of the abdomen, pelvic pain, change in bowels) disclose those symptoms and ask for a D&C to get a definitive answer if anything is going on. My cancer had no symptoms but was caught in a routine annual PAP. Had I not had that PAP, and had we taken the "let's wait 6 months and test this again", I may not be here.

So don't ignore the results. But also know that most likely it is nothing. Just find out for sure with further diagnostic tests. ((((BIG HUG)))))

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I agree with Linda 100%. Don't jump the gun too fast and don't let your doc brush you off.

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Thank You both so much! I'll try not to freak out. And I'll take your response with me so I know what procedures to ask for. Hopefully I won't have to come back to this site again! (no offence). Thanks again!

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...abnormal cells before, and really, it can be nothing. The doctor may want to examine you through a copolscopy (sp?) type exam, which is them just putting a dye around your cervix, and them looking through a big microscope looking machine, it's very painless, and quick. I had to have a "Cone Biopsy" done as I had a "Mild Dysplasia" which was an outpatient surgery where they cut out the area where the abnormal cells are, so that new ones will grow, and I only felt cramping after that. It was benign, and when I went for my next pap smear, everything came out "normal".

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I think most women have abnormal cell readings from time to time. I remember that happening to me and I too was terrified, but turned out to be nothing.

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