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Please listen

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Hi guys my name is Nick, 2 years ago psa 5 had a biopsy 12 out of 12 clear. 2 years later psa 7, had a biopsy 6 out of 7 lobes cancer. My davinci is on Sept 3rd. My new doctor said I have a 50/50 chance its confined to the prostate.(hoping still) now not a canidate for nerve sparing surgery. If you have cancer my advice get it out now slow growing my *** as I have found out. I know were all different but watchful waiting scares the heck out of me and good luck if you are going this route. Peace to all...Nick

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Good luck on your surgery Nick. In my mind I think the watchful waiting would only be useful depending on a person's age.

Let us know how your surgery goes. What City/State are you having it at?


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my good thoughts and prayers are with you.


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If I were you I would get treated at the earliest opportunity. And don't worry about that 50/50, those numbers have a lot of noise. Important thing is that you have high volume cancer (as I did, 8 of 12 cores) and it has to come out. Mine turned out to be confined, and with your fairly low PSA, I hope yours is as well.

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