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Hyperbaric oxygen treatments

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I finished radiation for laryngeal cancer about 9 weeks ago. I now have real problems with 4 teeth ( I had 3 removed prior to treatment ) For the doctor to be ble to take them out I have to have hyperbaric oxygen treatment, 20 treatments of 2 hours a day prior to extraction nd 10 days after extraction. Has this happenneed to anyone else? Denis

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Yes, HBO Treatments are standard if teeth need to be pulled for anyone with radiation to the head and neck due to the risk of Osteoradionecrosis (ORN). Most of us with our natural teeth left have to deal with that risk and therefore need HBO Tx. The main thing is to consistantly practice good oral care. Brush teeth 4-5 times a day. Drink lots of water and swish it around in your mouth to help clean the teeth. Have your dentist make you some flouride trays and give you a prescription for flouride gel to use about 15-30 mins every day or every other day. Floss! Go for checkups every 3-4 months instead of just twice a year. Ask your dentist to SAVE any tooth that is in trouble, if possible. I recently had a root canal to save a tooth, but had to be put on antibiotics before the procedure, which is also standard for rad patients. You can find out more info at another cancer website that is strictly for oral cancer. www.oralcancerfoundation.org
There are several dentists on that forum. Good luck!

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my ENT and cancer doctor argued about hyperbaric. after radiation therapy, when my nasopharyngeal cancer came back for the second time,my ENT advice to undergo hyperbaric which i followed. yes, i had 20 sessions for 2 hours. but before that my cancer doctor objected with reason that it might trigger the cancer to be alive or grow up more..

I believed my ENT coz she's pretty sure high oxygen therapy wouldn't allow cancer to grow up..

now, im undergoing a chemo therapy since my cancer go back for the third time. i dont know which fact is true.. but u better consult someone and research further before going into hyperbaric.

a lady who sit with me in the chamber has same case with you. but she was cured almost five yrs ago.. she just do the hyperbaric this time coz she needs to take out 2 of her teeth..

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Oxygen rich blood is good in helping to fight the cancer as cancer thrives on oxygen poor blood. I too have had my NPC come back for a third time in 2006, I had opt for no more treatment, all I am doing now is just herbal all natural treatments for the passed 3 years and doing very good.

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