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Update on PET/CT-good news!

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My oncologist called me this morning after the tumor board at which the liver surgeon and he and other docs looked at the scan from last Tuesday which showed a spot on the liver that lit up on the PET scan. After they looked at it this morning, there is consensus that it is most probably scar tissue from where the surgical clamps were placed during the liver resection. I will have another PET/CT in 3 months and so far so good! Yippee!

Thanks for all your support! It made the ups and downs while waiting much less precipitous.


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That's great news, Leslie! I'm so happy for you!

Diane Tavegia

Julie 44
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Good to hear....Enjoy your life.....JULIE

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I am so glad to hear such great news. Go out and have a great ride!!

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Paula G.
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Hi Leslie,
I have been thinking about you. So happy to hear your good news. Yippee is right. Take care
Paula G.

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This good news seems to be catching.........

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Thats great news,now you need to go out and celebrate the happy news.

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That's fabulous! Whew! I know you feel fabulous!


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very good news, indeed, and I hope you keep getting
good news....as I mentioned before it took my docs
several sets of scans before they were willing to say
it was the way the tissue was healing...


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Yes good news Yay!, and I will have another PET/CT in 3 months since that little deal did light up once. Cancer, the gift that keeps on giving :-).

Best, Leslie

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Does scar tissue show up on a CT scan, too, or only on the PET? Just wondering because I haven't had a PET since my surgery, but I have had a couple of CT scans. Where they think I have scar tissue (because of the pain) doesn't show up on MY CT scans.

Congratulations on your good news.


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I don't know, but I bet someone here does.

Thanks for the support Debbie


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I am so happy for you, way to go. Buzzard is right seems we have alot of good news going around, and its about dang time. Enjoy yourself and try not to worry about the scans, its 3 months away and you have alot of living to do in between that.

Nice horse by the way, how many do you have? I am jealous, I remember how calming horseback riding was for me as a kid or teen, brings back alot of memories looking at your picture. I would just ride by myself for hours, completely content and happy. Its great relaxation for me anyway.

God Bless

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and I've had him since he was 3, and he's now 20. He's been driven (and won some ribbons) done pack trips in the mtns, and just general all around stuff. We even got him herding some cattle which must have excited him plenty cause he once tried to herd a jackrabbit that popped out in front of us on one ride. What you describe about riding when you were as a kid or teen is as true for me now as an adult in all the years I've had horses. Got my own horse at 40 when I said to myself "when am I gonna have my own horse?" after borrowing others' horses for years and after hours as a kid mucking out stalls just to get a 1/2 hr ride. We have 3 horses, this gray Thoroughbred and 2 Morgans. The youngster is now 7.

Here's a favorite quote about horses:
"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man (or woman)."
~ Winston Churchill

PS nice bike you have there :-)


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I would gladly trade the steel horse for your real one! LOL I love that quote, it is so true. Some day I will have a horse again and will be in heaven while riding it. With work and the world I have gotten away from all the really great things in life. Like taking time to smell the roses. I need to learn how to relax some and just let what will be BE!

Morgans, oh my daughter would love those. So would I. I bet they are great horses, never had one but always read great things about them. Wondering if I could convince my partner to get a horse after we move to Texas...Hmmmm LOL Who knows maybe she will go for it...LOL

Thanks for sharing about your horses, I just love them. Feel free to send any pics would love to see the Morgans....here is my email addy dorookie2003@yahoo.com

Take care

Fight for my love
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Good news!Leslie.I am happy for you.

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I`m glad to hear the good news. I bet that is a load off your shoulders. I`ll pray for your continued good health.


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