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No more Mr. Catheter

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Today is 13 days post surgery and It is now 25 hours since having My Cath out and am 99.5% dry! I have used one pad during this time frame. I am pee'ing fine on average about every hour during the day. Got bold during the night and slept in my underware with NO PAD! Woke up around 4am to Pee and the underware was just slightly damp. More like a sweaty wet then anything. I can kegel away while peein'g and stop that stuff in its stream.

This morning I walked 1 and 3/4ths miles with NO DRIPS!!!!

I am so pleased with this aspect. Next week I get to start on the Doctors Penile rehab plan and will keep my fingers crossed that will start working in time.

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Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing the good news.
I believe your dry success is at least in part due to all the hard work, weight loss and education you have undertaken before your surgery. Onward and UPward, puns intended, with your rehab. Just Awesome!

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Bet it feels good. I have been fully continent from the start (see my post: "hyper continent"). My temporary problem was I couldn't pee and had to have the catheter reinserted. Everything is fine now.

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Congratulations! And welcome to the dry club. Looks like we are both pretty lucky, I was dry right away as well. Now, let's see what we can do to join the erection club :-) Not much going on yet.

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Congratulations Larry.

I am looking for as good as results hopefully. I Kegel all day long now in preparation. Still have about 3 weeks to go, so I am exercising as much as possible.

I would have never thought about the preparation for this side of the surgery without the posts of guys like you. Thanks alot for helping me be prepared. I have learned some valuable things here talking with you guys and feel confident.

Thanks and congratulations again,


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Along with doing the Kegel's Walk, Walk, Walk. I thing this helped build up the muscle control somewhat. Also I have completely eliminated All cafine from my Diet and I do not Drink any type of alcholol. Yes, I know bummer but it's a person choice for me to abstain.
I've still dry so far today.

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I also walked as much as I could, and I agree that really helps. Of course, did a whole lot of kegels before the surgery. Like you, I also have completely eliminated alcohol and coffee. I drink green tea instead of coffee, which I think has a little bit of caffeine but it's good for the prostate. I'm sure this all helps, but probably not as much as a very good surgeon, a little bit of luck, and a lot of help from the big guy above.

Even though I regained continence right away, I found my stream a little weak at first. It's gotten stronger and is now almost back to normal. I go to the bathroom more often than before the surgery, but I think part of that is psychological, I don't want to let the bladder get too full. I was surprised when I had the catherer bag and saw how much it held that the bladder could hold that much. Gave me new respect for the bladder.

My fungal infection is much better after taking diflucan and using lotrimin. The only residual problem is occasional pin-like pain from the biggest one of my incisions, which is on the fold of my stomach and groin, so it gets stretched a little. Other than that, I just get tired at odd times, but if I take a tylenol I regain my strength.

Next week I start week 4 and my plan is to begin working out gently so by the end of the week I can be back on the golf course. But I'll let my body be the guide.

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What uplifting news I am hoping for similiar results after my davinci(sept.3rd). Keep up the good news here and maybe the other club is attainable lol

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lewvino..tell us about the penile rehab program. My dr. did not clu me on that.

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I was the same way after they took mine out, and after 5 months it's just like the old prostate was still there. My Dr. didn't tell me anthing about Penile rehab, what is that?
And keep up the good work.

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