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Hi all, hope you are all doing ok. I have a question. Maybe a weird question but still, I would like opinions. I had radiation that ended in april. surgery in june and back on chemo sine july. stage 3, 5Fu and oxy. I have an ileostomy , so I can't sleep on my stomach, so I sleep either on lt or Rt side. Lately I have been having some hip pain, really bothering me today. I have read some info about bone damage with the radiation. Just wondering could it be from sleeping on my sides so much.. Any info appreciated.. Thanks Petrina


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    Hi Petrina! If you know anything about my story, you know i have severe bone damage from the radiation. As soon as the radiation started, i was having bone pain. After i was diagnosed with the problem, they told me i shouldn't be having pain from the osteoporosis, and should go seek a chiropractor...ladeedadeedo. After some time i finally got them to let me see an orthopod doctor, and was FINALLY diagnosed with a pretty bad sacral fracture. To make a long story short, i am continually in pain from all the fractures i get in my sacrum, hips and ribs. I would request a bone scan, and have an orthopod intrepret it, because believe me, other doctors CAN'T DO IT! They may try, but all you'll get there is educated guesses, and not facts. The specialist i saw ordered an MRI to rule out bone metastasis, and there they found the fracture. He also had a particular type of software on his computer that actually mapped out, and accurately gauged the severity of my problem.

    I sure hope you don't have the same problems with your bones that i have, but it's always better to be safe, and check it all out. The fossamax meds i'm on now are supposed to stop anymore bone loss. I wish i had been on it long ago.

    Many hugs,
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    I only sleep on my sides, so me having an ileostomy and being on my stomach was not a problem. I haven't had any pain in my hips except when I take the nepogen shots. I know that radiation can be a big problem especially where the tumor was located and how they radiated the area. I would ask your radiation doctor or oncologist about this. I'm sure it's from the radiation, but you should ask anyway.

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    I have
    not had radiation, but I do have the hip discomfort and/or pain. I finished my treatment in 2006, but I have a bad lower back and can't sleep on my stomach anymore (several yrs) and like you, sleep on my right and left sides as well as on my back and some days this does affect my hips, probably because of the mattress and the metal springs.

    But since you are still on chemo, I would request a bone density screen and/or test to determine if there any ill effects.