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Colon Cancer Metastasis to other organs

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Hi everyone,

I'm the husband of a cancer fighter at this point wanting to know about colon cancer that has moved to other organs. My wife was diagnosed almost 5 years ago, had surgery to remove the affected area of her colon, with no follow up chemo or radiation. She was clean for 2 years, then it came back, not in her colon, but other organs; liver, spleen, media stynum, and pelvis area. Since then she has been undergoing extensive chemo and 5 months ago, her tumors were almost non-existant. She went on maintenance treatment for 4 months, then started to have severe pain. Another pet scan was done and now the cancer has come back. There are several tumors in her liver, one the size of a baseball. Her spleen is almost nothing but a big tumor. There is one outside of her colon the size of a golfball eating its way into her colon.

There is alot of information about treatment options, and we are talking about radiation, chemo, and the like. Our question is about prognosis and time. We can't seem to get anyone to give us any information on how much time she has. Everything I've read says 7-8% survival after 5 years if it was diagnosed as stage 4 which hers was.

Does anyone have any additional information or an idea of where I could find it?

Thank you.

tiny one
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Doctors don't really know how much time someone has. I've known people that were told they were terminal and they responded to treatment which the doctors never thought they would. They are here after years. Get other opinions and then make your decisions. The stats on the internet don't believe. Mayo Clinic site might be good. There is always someone who is first to beat the odds. Don't give up!

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with tiny one. Get as many opinions as possible. MD Anderson, Sloan Kettering, John Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Dana Faber, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, UCLA, Stanford and sooooo on. This will be a hard fought battle, but one that can be fought and won.

To ditto, stats on the internet can be deceiving; studies are old and not always updated, so don't put too much into what is out there.

Some great sites are:

National Cancer Institute
American Caner Society
People Living with Cancer
Cancer Project

and oh yea, there are always clinical trials.

Keep the faith and your family here up dated

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I'm sorry to hear of your wife's recurrence of cancer, but as other have or will mention the stats you see on the internet are outdated. Current survival rates are much higher. Also, my opinion is that any doctor who tells a patient how long they have is reckless at best. No one knows how long a person has, we are all different and respond differently to treatments. So I think it's good that no one is giving her a time limit. There are many treatment options out there including a pump that is installed internally and gives chemo to the liver. It's called a HAI pump. See this post (http://csn.cancer.org/node/174161) for more info.
Also, I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer over 5 years ago and while it is not all gone, it is close to being all gone. I work a full week of work and lead a relatively active full life and have been throughout all of this. Don't believe all you read on the internet and go for more opinions as others have mentioned.

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Sorry to hear of the reoccurance, get more opinions.. sending positive thoughts your way..

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I agree with everything already said. My mom was diagnosed Stage IV and told by first doc she had 3 months at best. When we saw oncologist 2 and 3 (one in San Antonio and one in Houston at M D Anderson) they both agreed it's ridiculous for docs to give time lines as everyone responds differently. However, they did say that if she responded well to the chemo, they would fully expect her to survive more than five years, but they again stated that they were uncomfortable giving a timeline of any sort as noone knows how anyone will respond. And my mom says 'only God knows how much time we have'. So the more opinions and options you get the better. I would say to anyone with cancer or not - live everyday to the fullest and make sure your priorities are straight. Focus on what's most important to you because not one of us knows how much time we have. Good luck with your situuation. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Very sorry to hear of your wife's situation. I have been fighting colon cancer for 2 and a half years and have been on and off chemotherapy all during this time. I am 49 years old. I have extensive involvement in both lobes of my liver and have since the beginning. I now have a minute spot on one of my lungs - my doc is not worried about it. I was originally told the life expectancy for what I have (stage IV disease) was about 9-12 months. Like your wife I had a good experience with a lot of the tumors disappearing from my liver and then after other treatment they came back. I have since undergone chemoembolization twice on my liver in an attempt to kill tumors. My doc and I are now talking about the possibility of a clinical trial. No one knows how much time anyone has - I don't think too much about that. I wouldn't stress about statistics, but live in the now. I have continued to work full-time during all of this. I think staying active and leading a full life as best you can along with a good attitude goes a long way to enhance future survivability. I wish the best for the two of you. Roy

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Paula G.
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My husband was DX with stage4 last October. I tried not to look at the stats but did look at some. His Onc said five years with treatment but not ten. We finished 12 treatments of Chemo last week and are changing onc's. We hope to get one that will not put a time on him and wants to help him live.
As you will see there a a lot of stage 4's that are still living and posting. Sorry you had to have it pop back into your lives again. Keep reading and don't give up hope. Best to you and your wife. Paula G.

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I'm so sorry this has cropped up again. I hope you and your wife can find a doctor that wiil give you some positive help.


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Statistics can drive you crazy and expiration dates are for milk cartons, not people. Please get another opinion or several if you haven't done so already. I'm not just talking about the oncologist...see several surgeons who think aggressivly! . It may save your wife's life. God Bless

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what is that ole saying.....when the going gets tough, the tough
get going......seek other opinions as mentioned before and always
be sure you have your medical team loaded with positive upbeat
docs who support you all the way.....I had colon cancer stage 2
in 2004, in 2008, they found it back in my liver....go figure??
early stage, my chances were pretty good and yet it happened....
had chemo and liver resection and right now I'm NED....getting
scans and CEA check every three months.


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my mom is havong a liver ressection thusday. she had colon cancer last year took chemo and a few weeks ago found out she has a small tumor on her liver a spot on her abdomin. they are removing half of the liver and before that they are going to remove that spot on her stomach if its cancer and if it hasnt spread continue on with the liver surgery. she goes to duke medical center in nc.any encouraging words or info about your surgery for me my name is kristy

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Hey Kathy, do you have that article in MD Anderson about stats. I would love to read it! If so could you send me the link? Thanks, Patti God Bless

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hi, I am new here, my husband was recently diagnose stage 4,
we are totally overwhelmed. any advise for us.
How is your wife doing?

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