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WOW!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO I BEGIN THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One month ago today my husband Jeff age 45 went through this terrible surgery we call ESOPHOJECTOMY (OR HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT) would he do this again, Probably not, the surgery itself went well, the afterwards was not the greatest, as many of my onsite friends know jeff went from actually knocking on Heaven's door, to now knocking on his own door. Kitten and William Marshall tried to prepare me for the surgery which was a help but you never know what you are going to see until you walk it yourself. Jeff, has done wonderful, the first week we couldn't even bathe ourself 2nd week, saw the doctor and said he could drive but that didn't happen, go figure, 3rd week was making progress, now we are beginning our 4th week, and we are a little under the weather today but handling life prety good. Our lifestyle and eating habits has changed alot, we have went to maybe eating one meal a day to 6 meals day and our lifestyle well we take that one day at a time.

The little things we once fussed over we don't fuss over anymore, the things we took for granted we look at whole lot differently now. When we wake up in the mornings and we are breathing, then its called a BEAUTIFUL DAY, wheather its raining, cloudy, snowing, or just plan sunshine.

Jeff and I have been together 6 but married only 3 we have been through alot together, just last October-December we separated, he asked me to come back to him in January I gave him some ultimatium and I guess GOD directed me back to him, as he knew something seriously was going to happen to him, and I am so glad I did give him that chance. Jeff was always a hard working man, but his drinking always got in the way sometimes, and he did some things he shouldn't have every did.

For those of you new to the site yes William Marshall scared me ..hitless on this site, but with his words of knowledge I couldn't have gotten through this surgery without him. Kitten is my best friend, what would i do without her!!!.

For all you ones waiting for surgery or comtemplating surgery, I wish you luck, if I just help one person on this surgery than I know I have helped that cancer patient/caregiver.

Lori aka MOE

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Looks like you made it. That is the best news I've heard all day..

It's funny because for the firs time I read Williams site I felt comfortable I'm the kind of person that want's to here it straight.\ We a truely lucky to have hime.


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yes we are lucky to have him, hopefully he will continue to help us always. I knew you needed news thats why I posted it.



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I can't believe it's been a month since surgery already!! I am so happy for you guys. and, you are my best friend on here too, I always look forward to chatting with you. I don't know how much I'll be on tonight, I'm having some yucky belly cramps, but a heating pad seems to be helping some. Again, I am so happy for you and Jeff! Way to go!!


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thats okay you take care of yourself, and enjoy your company, i will be here for you, belly cramps are awful from pms to cancer i guess.

Take care

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I really can't believe it's been a month!!! That's fantastic!!! Gives all of us hope!!!