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Home Juicing- save a little $

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Lewvino has posted some great info on Pomegranate juice having a lot of promise in slowing down PC's advance. My urologist concurs: he was involved with the Stage 2 trials at UCLA that are showing great promise.

It is pretty expensive off the shelf, so I thought I would mention the use of juicers.

I have two: Jack La Lanne (from JCPenny) and Champion (bought at a large health food store).

The JLL is the more convenient of the two, was around $100. Champion was around $200 (? senior moment- sorry).

JLL has a larger opening for loading, so you don't have to prep the vegetables or fruits. But it doesn't seem to squeeze every iota of juice out of the stuff like the Champion does.

JLL has recipes for using the pulp that comes out.

JLL is also easier to clean.

Both machines come with some excellent recipes.

Champion is the real deal if you have the time and patience for prep and clean up. Built like an Abrams tank, and it puts out a nice motor tone that I can hum along with.

I also found it gave me something positive to do when I was freaking out after my initial diagnosis. Hard to beat busy work to get the blood pressure down and the mind working its miracles.

My wife is the one who got me going on it. She has type 1 diabetes and some thyroid problems.

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