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Agencies that help with copays.......

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A couple of you have asked for the names and numbers of the groups I used so I thought I'd post it in a new thread. I have three numbers and the first one is the foundation that helped me. The criteria were that you had to have insurance but it didn't pay all of the bill, there's a certain income criteria (don't know what it is) and you had to have a disease diagnosis that they cover. They are paying the part I owed for my chemo drugs which I am forever thankful for!! I don't know how the other two work.

Health Well Foundation: 1-800-675-8416
Patient Access: 1-866-316-7263
Patient Advocate Copay Relief 1-866-512-3861

These numbers were given to me by my primary care doctor's office and then the office mananger at my oncologists office worked with the health well foundation often and I just went into her office and filled out the paperwork and provided proff of income and she faxed it over to them and then 4 days later she checked and I was approved. So some of the chemo doctor's offices might already work with some of these programs and could help you. Talk to whoever works with patient assistance.

Then of course, as many have said, their is the American Cancer Society that helps with bills too. If anyone else knows any other places, feel free to add them to this list!!

Hope this helps someone!

Love and Light,

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Vicki... Thank you so much for posting this information. I am sure that there are many that this information will benefit..

♥ & Hugs,


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Thank you for the very useful information. I do not know how to approach ACS for help. While I have insurance After surgeries and Chemo I have outstanding balance of $30,000, and two accounts in collection.

Tomorrow I will try the numbers you posted.
Thank you and congratulation!
New Flower

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You just go to their website, American Cancer Society and type in financial help and a lot of organizations show up. Or, just call them direct at their toll free number, which would be easier. Good luck!

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Vicki, thanks for posting this. I am sure there are several that can use it. And, I am glad that you got help with your chemo. Good luck!

♠♣ Susie ♠♣

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Wishing you good luck in getting some financial help New Flower. Thanks Vicki for posting this. You are so thoughtful!

♥ Kylez ♥

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Vicki, this is great! How are you doing?

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bumping up

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