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Strange things happening down there

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I am post robotic radical prosatectomy from May 04, 2009. So far, despite taking nightly low dose Cialis or Levitra, I have not begun to develop any penile erections, let alone any that would be functional for intercourse. However, over the past couple of weeks I have noted that on occasion, I will get a strange sensation in the penis that almost feels like a mild cramp, accompanied by a small amount of rigidity of the tissues. Nothing that I can recognize induces this, and it is usually quite transient, lasting only 10-15 seconds. I am wondering if any others out there have encountered this, and if they have, have they reported it to their surgeons, and got answers to what might be happening. I wonder if it isn't possibly some resurgence of erectile function, but which is limited due to inadequate arterial blood flow perfusion to the penile tissues.

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I still have cath in until Monday morning, However I have been having all kinds of sensations similar to what you describe. Not sure if what I'm having is a bladder spasm or what exactly but I would take your feelings down below as a good sign that perhaps things are waking up.

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I began having sensations only a day or two after surgery. I could achieve an erection, but not with the rigidness required. My doctor reminded me last week during my 6 month visit that the nerves are still healing and things will continue to improve. I too get sensations at times and attribute them to return of functions. My doctor instructed me to continue my routine for improving erectile function especially since it's proving to be successful. I'm using the pump a few times a week, not to achieve an erection for intercourse, but for improving blood flow. This combined with a rotation of Cialis or Viagra a few times a week is helping things along. I've have been very dissatisfied for the past few months when I could achieve an erection but it was not rigid enough for intercourse. My wife and I have worked at things for awhile and yes we have had times where we were very upset and discouraged. We promised to keep working at things and not give up. The ironic thing is the night before my 6 month visit proved to be a VERY successful effort. We laughed,cried and all of the above. Needless to say I went into my doctors office the next day after little sleep, with a huge smile on my face. After hearing of our night before success, he told me that things will continue to improve and to keep up the routine. Guys hang in there and be diligent and patient is what I can advise. Determination and a very understanding partner are required.

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What surgery did you have? I had radical prostatectomy six months ago. Still have some incontinence, but lately I have had a mild sensation in my penis and sometimes it gets a little bigger, but no "woody" erection by any means. I plan to discuss this with my urologist on my next followup visit. Of course have to resolve the incontinence first, but sounds like there is hope. I am fortunate that my wife of 35 years is understanding and supportive of my condition. I am hanging in there and know I just have to be patient. Yes, determination is what it takes. It's great to be able to communicate with fellow prostate cancer survivors.

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JR I had robotic surgery in February of this year. It was 6 months before my wife and I were totally successful with sex. There have been some let downs since then but some more successes as well. The erections continue to get better and the routine of the pump and drugs, along with time, seem to be working. The supportive partner is so so important in making things work, one a few key factors. I will answer any questions anyone may have, just email me if you would like privacy. I wish you the very best.

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