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I survived it

Julie 44
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Joined: Oct 2008

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know that I am home from the hospital...I had my gallbladder out (which had stones in it when it was removed) and I was told instead of two hernias it was one HUGE one with little ones attached...So now I have 35 stapels in and the cut is basically in the same path as the colon resection but it extends up to my breast bone now...I get the pathology report back on Monday but he said it looked good to him so thank GOD......
Thanks for ALL of your thoughts and prayers it helped to comfort me...

Annabelle41415's picture
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So glad that you are home from the hospital and that you are doing well. Sounds like the doctor thinks everything looks good so that is awesome. I hope that you recover very soon. Maybe without the gallbladder and hernia you won't be in so much pain now. Welcome home.


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welcome home, wishing you a speedy recovery... Take it easy..

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Glad to see ya back and in good spirits

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Hi Julie, It sounds like you are in good hands. Now it is time to rest and follow the doctor's orders so that you will be good as new. Take care and know we are thinking of you and wishing you well.

Lizzy Davis

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Hi, Julie

I'm so glad to hear from you! Glad everything went well...ouch that they had to go back over the incision route and even more...but I'm glad that they fixed your hernia - sounds great on your gall bladder too :)

I'm sure as you recover, you will feel so much better.

You are tough...and you did good...so good to hear from you so quickly.

I'll let you go for now...talk to me when you feel better.


Fight for my love
Posts: 1530
Joined: Jun 2009

Hi Julie,it's so nice you are back home now.It was good that things went well.I just wish you a very quick recovery and be well soon.Take care.

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I'm so glad you're home! And sounds like you got a good report so far. Excellent! Hope you feel really well soon.


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so glad to hear that everything went well!

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It sure makes a world of difference having a painful gallbladder removed, doesn't it!? Mine was horribly painful. And now you have a "fish gut" wound, probably just like mine! I'm glad they were able to fix your hernia. Sounds like they got more than they were bargaining for with that!

Welcome back to the board!

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So great to hear your good news and hope for your recovery to
continue.....I have had surgery in the same area twice and
that scar tissue still hurts even tho it has been a year since
the liver resection....a daily reminder of this battle.


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Hugs hope you have a speedy recovery and all your reports are clear

Julie 44
Posts: 479
Joined: Oct 2008

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes..It is so nice to know so many people care......JULIE

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krystle singer
Posts: 109
Joined: Feb 2009

Glad you are home and recovering. 36 staples! Don't try to get on an airplane anytime soon. You'd set off all the alarms.

Get well!

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Galbadder and hernia seem to go together because when i had my galbladder i also had a hernia that gives me alot of problems with heartburn pain and stuff so i have an appt with the gi dr in a couple of weeks so i will ask him about the hernia, I am glad that all went well.


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