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MY Turn

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Hi all thanks to all who have prepared me for this and I have learned so much here. My Davinci is scheduled for Sept 3rd. I must be slightly insane because I am more worried about missing work than the surgery. My pre op takes place nest week blood word and a chest x ray. A quick note in this short time I have switched both doctors and hospitals so if your doctor doesnt give you confidence maybe a change would work. Bless you all and I cant thank you all enough.....Nick

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Best of luck. My da vinci was 2 weeks ago. Like you, I didn't worry about the surgery, I had a lot of trust in my surgeon, my wife, and God, so I was in the best of hands. My surgery went great, and hope yours does as well.

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Finacial worries are of concern for most men also. You want to provide for your family and then you get hit with this cancer and having to take time off from work. I'm 9 days post surgery now and walking 4 times a day. 1/2 mile each time for a total of 2 miles a day.
I had severe pain immediately post surgery but have been healing very fast the last two days.

I still have some boughts with fatique and am pretty much ready for shower and bed by 6-8pm.

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My surgery is scheduled for Sept 17, so I am looking forward to your posts following your surgery. The posts by others that have gone before me have been valuable in having some idea of what to expect. There are a lot of things discussed here that aren't covered in the pre-surgery meetings and literature from the Drs.

You have been added to the prayer list of both my wife and I. We are believers in the power of prayer and that they are answered. If you followed any of the updates I wrote about my wife being in the hospital you know what I am talking about. On June 24th she went into the hospital and came home on August 6th. Many days the Dr. told me during rounds that she was 50/50. Her prayer circle was large, positive and active.

Each time one of us (PC guys)goes for treatment, the name goes on the active prayer circle and prayers for positive outcomes are many.

So good luck and know that we are with you in spirit. Remember, "Every Day is a Bonus". Any day you can open your eyes see sunlight and suck in a fresh breath is a plus.


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See this is what I mean by support again thank you all and bless you all....Nick

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