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1 Year NED

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Joined: May 2009

After some long and trying times through the surgeries and the chemo/rad treatments my 1 year point has finally arrived. On 8/18/09 I got it officially, 1 year NED! Just needed to share. I wish the best to everyone else that is in the process of getting to this point also. Hang in there, it will come.

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Joined: Nov 2005

Good news in your post, I'm real happy for you cause NED is the best..Hugs to you, Audrey.

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Joined: May 2005

Good way to start the day!

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Joined: Sep 2006

on being another dance partner with NED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Joined: Mar 2009

So happy for you, thanks for sharing, it is a great accomplishment. Do youcount from when your chemo finished or from scan to scan...

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Joined: Jun 2009

That's great news to hear! Thanks for sharing...I can feel your enthusiasm :)


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More ned years to come.


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Joined: Apr 2008

Time to do the naked happy dance. Celebrate and have a great weekend.


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Woohoo! Dance all weekend!


Fight for my love
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Joined: Jun 2009

Congratulations!I love to hear the good news.Enjoy your NEDness!

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Joined: Feb 2009

That is great news. Congratulations on your NED. Go out and celebrate with something fun. Thanks for sharing your awesome news.

Enjoy your freedom.


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Awesome! Dance!

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Joined: Jun 2008

It is fantastic what the medical folks can do for us these days;
gave that beast the old one-two punch.....enjoy life!...


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Joined: Jul 2009

Congrats! What a wonderful milestone to reach. Give us all hope. I hope to be posting that in the future as well.

Enjoy your new status and keep on loving and living!


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So glad to hear it- thanks for sharing it with us :) It does always give those of us still working on the beast hope of getting there!


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Joined: May 2009

Thanks all! Appreciate the comments. My personal count for being 'free' is based on my last chemo treatment date. So my date is 20 June. That is the point where all my follow ups are based on. As for the 1 year results, it actually happened at roughly the 14 month mark for me but is my 1 year reults. Good news is, it means I'm already on my way for 18 month screen... ;)
The Wiz

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So happy to hear your good news. It's very encouraging to all of us. What Stage were you? I know those grandbabies give us strength to fight.

I don't know how to determine if I'm NED. I think I am. My drs just say I'm stable. Will have to ask next time I see them. Surgery Oct. 14, 2007, Stage IIIc 8/38 lymph nodes positive, chemo Dec 07 to July 08. Do I go by the surgery date or the end of chemo date?
Thanks for any info on this. I've asked this question before. I'm not sure if I should start a new post. Still learning about the forum.

Great News

Debbie (gramma)

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