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Whoa... hair getting real thin.... if and when will it grow back in???

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Do I have to wait till I stop chemo before my hair will grow back in ??? .... or does it just get to a point and then thats it and it starts to grow back in??? Every day it's getting thinner and thinner and man I am missing it :(


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I never lost ALL of my hair but it thinned out a lot. After my chemo switched it grew back looking even better. I have much more hair than many of my friends who are in their 50's.
It will come back looking better though

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...mine grows back looking all grey LOL...

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But like Shayenne says, mine came back all grey...it looks like a donkeys butt... :)

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if one is bald before they start their chemo treatments, will there be any hair growth after, or is what happens is that the folicles are brought close to death by chemo,so the hair falls out, and then it comes back as the folicles regain strength, whereas a pre-chemo bald head is to far gone in regards to folicles regeneration?

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Jennie, sorry to say, mine thinned after each treatment. I DO see some new hair coming in. I was very, very careful. Washed carefully. Didn't tug. No color, etc. I used a wide tooth comb and mine did thin but friends say they cannot tell.

My last treatment was last week. I assume mine will begin to thicken up in a few months when all the gunk is out of my system. I WANT mine to come in all gray. The new growth (look at my avatar from July 4th) grew in VERY dark. I have had a huge white streak in the front of my head since I was late 20's. My (late) brother had the same streak. I've colored mine to blend in the white.

Hang in there! Being healed is more important than hair but I sure am thankful we didn't go bald! Yikes. :o)

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My last oxil treatment was in late Oct 08. By the time I had my re connect surgery in Feb, 4 months later, I had a nice covering on my scalp. I am actually less gray than before and my hair is a bit stranger. I have all kinds of cowlicks, with quite the unmanageable waves.

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After my mom's first Folfox chemo treatment (Mon 03AUG-Wed 05AUG) she lost about 25% of her hair on Thursday. Funny thing is both oncologists said 'the best thing about Folfox is it doesn't have that awful side effect where you lose your hair'. So much for that. However, since then she hasn't lost any more hair. She had her second round of chemo this week (Mon 17AUG-Wed 19AUG) and was worried she'd lose more hair Thursday but no. Truth be told, her hair actually seems to be getting softer, which in most cases may seem like a bad thing, her hair has always been very coarse. I know this may not help you much but here is something my mom said that seemed encouraging to me 'Life is more important than hair'. I do, of course, realize this may not be encouraging to you. However, being that my 61 yr old mom dx with Stage IV colon cancer is simply and unquestionably the most optimistic person I have ever met, I thought it was a very positive and uplifting statement. I wish you luck. All of the research I have done says when you finish the chemo your hair will grow back, it may be different, but it will grow back. Isn't it funny, and unfortunate, that as women we are so attached to our hair. We may not like it when we have it, spend a small fortune trying to change it, but the mere thought of or actually losing it is devastating. I feel for you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you make it a good weekend.

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I'm on erbatux and 5-FU and campostar and leucavorin. My hair started thinning about 4 cycle in. It's very thin now and super fine and soft. Not sure if all will fall out. If it gets really patchy looking. I'll shave my head. I do miss my hair.

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When I was on oxyl, 5fu, leucavorin and Avastin my hair came out so bad, I just had my husband shave it. About three months after I had to quit oxyl because of the side affects I had my hair started growing back. I'm going tomorrow to have my first haircut in a year. My hair is only abput 1/2 and inch long, but I'm getting "wings" over my ears. My hair dresser said it would take about 5 minutes to shape it up. My hair was a dirty blond, now it is a really pretty silver and very soft. It kind of feels like my baby granddaughter's hair.

I've been on 5FU, leucavorin and Avstin since April.

Good luck,

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I'm on Oxy and 5FU. I just got done with my 4th out of nine treatments yesterday. Yes and my hair has thined some but still looks good enough not to shave it off yet. But "It's only hair" and I'm still here for my kids :o)

Hey.. I think bald women are beautiful
Love ya all

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