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Just Nailed Down the Schedule for MY da Vinci

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Hi guys. Haven't posted for a while, been trying to clean up the loose ends before my surgery. My wife has been home from the hospital now for two weeks and her rehab is moving along nicely. I have been trying to complete the long dang list of home projects before I go so I don't have them hanging over my head when I get back.

I have just confirmed the surgery schedule with the Henry Ford Institute and Dr. Menon as follows;

Tuesday Sep 15th - fly from Orlando to Detroit

Wednesday the 16th - pre-surgery consultation with Dr. Menon

Thursday the 17th - Surgery (scheduled for the 1st one of the day)

Thursday the 24th - Catheter Removal ( it is standard with them that the cath is removed 7 days following surgery. They use the foley only the one day that you are in the hospital and it is replaced with a Supra-Pubic before you leave the hospital.)

Friday the 25th - Fly back to Orlando leaving at 6:30pm.

Seems like they are a well oiled machine and I will do my best not to upset their scheduling with any complications.

It will be great to get this over with and get on with the gettin on. I hope that I am not over confident with the ED and Continence stats from Dr. Menon. I will be very happy to be one of their 92%-95% success rate stats in these arenas. As I have stated in the past, I am not worried about getting rid of the PC, I just want to be able to have a reasonable facsimile of Quality of Life after all is said and done.

Add me to your prayer lists guys. I think I am up next.


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Your surgery is scheduled on my birthday so that should help ensure a good outcome and speedy recovery. Your wife going to get to fly up with you?


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The Dr. has absolutely, positively, forbidden her to go with me to Detroit. Airplanes are the largest incubator for germs, bugs, viruses and bacterias know to man. Her weakened immune system could not take another hit of any kind right now and for the foreseeable future. Besides, after remodeling the master bath, building a new shed, updating the landscaping, keeping up with my college senior son who has been home all summer and caring for my wife the last 8 weeks;

I just want to go up there, have the surgery, rehab and not worry about anything for 12 glorious days.

That's one heck of a way to look at prostate surgery, ain't it?

She has two sisters, many friends and her parents who are lining up and fighting over the chance to come over and stay with her while I am gone. Secretly I think each of them is looking for some time off from their families as well.

I'll certainly try to celebrate your birthday in grand fashion with you.

More later,

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Good luck, and congratulations for getting one of the top surgeons. He was my first choice but as it turned out he did not take my insurance. But I got a top local guy who'd done over 400, and have excellent results, so no complaints.

You sound like me in doing home projects all over the place before my surgery. My wife was pretty happy when she saw me tackling the honeydo list that I hadn't touched in years.

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Sony you will be in our prayer,I am new in here pc hit me when I was 46 yeras old and that was the worst news i have ever received I had laproscopy surgery almost five years ago.
my psa hasbeen 0.04 no incontinence,and with the help of viagra i can perform 120%.
I went thruugh dark and darker valeys,but I walked with God every step of the way.
I thanks God for giving me the oportunity to find this place,every time you guys post
somenthing,I either went thrugh of know several peaple that went thrugh.
this surgury will take something from you,but the most important is it will give you back
a great chance to survive and enjoy life with your love one. I know that it is wotrh the trea in.good luck and GOD blessyou.

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Sonny I will pray for you as I will be recovering myself. I feel the same as you and am worried about the quality of life. My wife and I have talked over 2 main things PC cancer return and impotency. The first she cant deal with the second she says doesnt matter (im 52 shes 48) I really dont know if shes being brave or just wants my ugly *** around for a few more years. I guess what Im saying is good luck and hoping for the best for you.....Nick

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My wife says the same thing Nick that she want's me around and if the impotency becomes a factor she can deal with it. Makes you wonder though since I'm 54 and she is 47. We sat down yesterday afternoon and we had a pretty 'frank' talk about some of these things running through my mind. I have been reading a Prostate Cancer for Dummies book (yep they have the dummies books for everything now). One chapter talked about men's thoughts and everyone on the two pages I had been having so I think it helped for me to talk about this openly with her.

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Good luck on your upcoming surgery. I had my Davinci surgery back in Feb. 09. I had the same catheter from when I woke up in the hospital for 9 days until removal. It was irritating by then but it didn't clog up. Quality of life is getting better day by day, my leakage is all but stopped, even at work. Working on my lovelife a little better all the time. All this looked grim in Febuary post surgery, but small steps.
Again good luck and a speedy recovery.

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