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Looking for information

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My mother has been fighting Primary Peritoneal Cancer since April 2008. She was diagnosed and when they did the first surgery they couldn't even find her uterus or ovaries. They were covered with what the doctor said a plaque like cancer. That meant they couldn't do the debulking like they wanted to. She went through chemo (6 rounds) and then had another surgery. This time they were able to remove an ovary. She then went through another round of chemo though it was a different type. The chemo seemed to stop the fluid in her abdomen and we were excited that her CA125 count was 23. After a few months she had pain in her chest and they found fluid in her pleural cavity. They drained that and she was okay for a few months. In July 2009 she once again had fluid in her pleural cavity and had it removed. This time it only lasted a week and she went to the emergency room because she felt like she couldn't breath. They admitted her and found more fluid which they removed. A week later at her Dr. appt. they did an x-ray and found more fluid. When she went to the hospital to have it drained, air bubbles started coming out also. This fluid has cancer cells in it. Is this as bad as I feel it is? She is going to talk to a surgeon on Friday to see if he thinks pleurocentesis would be helpful. I can't find much information on what to expect next or if anyone really knows. I just really need to know to prepare myself so that I can help her through this.

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My Dad has just been diagnosed with cancer. The emotional pain is huge! You might want to find or start a caregivers support group in your area. Caregivers need help and support as much as the patient. Never give up.

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