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having a down day

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hello awesome semi's,
well i am having a down day today.
first i am on vacation, so i have time to think about alot of things.
second had to put a quite a bit of money on my car repairs today.
third have been thinking on my daughters college loans.
fourth thinking about if i can ever afford to retire.
fifth doctor and hospital bills!!!

that is why i come here to my family. i know i have alot to be thankful for.
i am sorry to vent but just having a bad day today.
thanks family for listening!!!!!!!!!
semi's rock!!!!!!!!!!1
be well
never,ever give up!!

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Sorry you're feeling down. 1 out of 5 isn't so bad, at least you are on vacation. I start to think of similar things and it gets overwhelming. We haven't even started college yet but this year my oldest is going into the 10th grade so it's time to start to think of it. We have one more to go after that. Some things we have control over and others we don't. The thing we can control is how we let everything affect us. You have your health, you have good friends and family, you're working. You have things to be thankful for.
Live each day to the fullest Bruce.
Love ya Bud

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I'm sorry you're having a bad day. I think we can all relate to that! At least with bad days, we can look forward to better days, and tomorrow will be a better day. Take a walk, take a hot bath, light some candles and watch your favorite movie...tomorrow will definitely be better!

Many hugs,

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Would that be a chick flick there Krista? teehee (just kidding with ya!) :-)

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Hi Bruce,

Sorry you're having a bad day. Try to stay in the moment - things have a way of working themselves out even when it seems overwhelming. For now, try to enjoy your vacation.

Be well - sending good thoughts your way,

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bruce, i too have two teenagers, cars that need fixing creditors calling, mortgages to pay, college funds, retirement, and i am sure we all feel the weight of this, my kids may have to work and apply for scholarships, to pay for college or tech school and I am looking into selling everything once i am well and they are out of the house, to live a very simple retirement. I really don't need much beyond the love of my hubby and my artwork.

But i degress, I tend to make one moment out of every day silly in some way, to have little pockets of happyiness, to laugh for a momment, if i can get this everyday i will be able to make it.

Try when you feel bad to find one person who is worse off than you and make them smile, this canbe as easy as talking to them, i find that make another smile helps to make me smile.

An example of an easy smile, challenge your kids to a water mellon eating contest, your on vacation so this one will bring many laughs, no hands and get messy. We did this yesterday and it was really fun.

Keep smiling and stay healthy
hugs and Prayers

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Hey, Bruce.

I can so relate. You hear of cars going zero to 60 lickety-split? I can go from a happy mood to a down one really quickly if I have too much time on my hands. I'm a praying person, so that helps me, but you could also try to take a deep breath and silently list as many blessings as you can. Try to focus on those positives.

Hope it passes soon!


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No...no...no...get all that money stuff out of your head..... you have plenty of time to worry about that after vacation. Right now just chill and give your brain a break....


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Money troubles will always be there. Be fortunate that you are on vacation and try to enjoy it. Remember in the past how the vacations just go so fast and then getting back to real life is there again. You have much to be thankful for. A car even though it needs repairing you still have one, daughters and their ability to even go to college, doctors and hospitals that are there to keep you healthy and the possibility of retirement, maybe a little later than you think, but it could be earlier too. Take this vacation for time away from your struggles and enjoy every minute. Have fun!


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Ah, Bruce...of course it's normal to have down days!!!! Even those 'lucky' people never experiencing the 'you have cancer' speech do!!!!

You said it yourself. And you must repeat it to yourself (that's what I do on my bad days...). We are still breathing. And living. And loving.

It's all part of the game called living....

There is a wonderful Dutch saying...on many tourist stuff (lol)....translated it says: In the concert of life, no one has a program.

Hugs my dear friend, Kathi

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Actually it's the LOVE of money is the root of all sorts of evil. Money isn't evil.
Wish I had some to PROVE it.

The lottery in Georgia is 220 million on Friday. If I can find a dollar, I'll buy a ticket. :o) If I win, I'll throw a big party and fly you all to my house for yummy food, sweet tea and some git-tar pickin'.

Fedester, Hope today is a MUCH better day for you.

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Hope things are better for you today...I had a bad day recently so it's all too understandable. We just get up the next day and hope that the bad one is in the rear view mirror and keep moving forward.

I can see that you are one of the long time residents here, so it's a pleasure to meet you; have heard many good things about you from the group.

Take care and make today a great day!


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krystle singer
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Yup! We all have these days when nothing seems to go right and everything seems to go wrong. I had a CT scan on Monday (17th) and will get the results on Thursday. I am so scared I tremble when I think about it.
The money thing is impossible! Sometimes it appears as if there is an evil fairy trying to drain your $$$ resources. I'm sorry you are having such problems.
With the most positive of prayers and thoughts I hope that things will begin to look brighter! I have to wait until after this week to see if I will be allowed to go on vacation!

Hugs and prayers,

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Sometimes, time on the hands can get tough. It gives us a lot of time to think and then if you are like me and worry as a reflex, we worry. It's what we do.

It is so hard to do what you can do and not stress on the things you cannot change. I should have the serenity prayer tatooed on my forhead. (And I'm not even religious, per say)!

It's a hard fight, this cancer. Whether you are fighting it now, just getting started, or years in the clear. It changes you inside and I think we all have these days.

This is the best place, because as you said, all the "semi-colons" are here. The people who truly get it. Love and peace to you, Bruce.

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if you get it tattooed on your forehead you'll have to walk around with a mirror all day just to read it...backwards....It would read better if it were under your eyelids...just trying to help... :)
and Bruce, sorry about the bad day.....I don't pay any bills at all so I don't worry about whos not getting paid....I just don't pay none of em !!! just kiddin"...I hope for you a better day bud.......

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That's my biggest baddest for-my-buddy-Bruce hug!

Hope today was better.

peace, emily

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