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SALLY: about the brachytherapy

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One other new tidbit I came away with from my appointment with the new gyn-onc: Apparently there are more than one kind of vaginal brachytherapies. I had no idea there were different kinds. My gyn-onc said that I had been given the very latest and least damaging of brachy-therapies. I looked on my appointment sheets for you, hoping to find some detail that would give you something specific to ask about, but there was nothing. I know that my brachy did not require a rectal marker or a catheter (and I know others that had to have both) and that I was lined up for the brachy using a 'positioning CT-scan' (no contrast or IV) each time, with the radioactive material inserted robotically after I was alone in the room. I hope that's enough to help you advocate for the 'better'/'safer' brachy. It's a pain to have to shop around for the technology that you want used on your body, but when it comes to lessening the chance of lasting side effects, you know it's worth some effort. I just 'lucked into' having IMRT for my pelvic radiation and this 'better' technology for my brachy; I didn't know enough to ask for it at the time. But I do feel blessed that I had the best technology for my radiation and that I have no side effects now that it is over, other than having to use the dilator daily, which is really no worse than using a tampon.

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Maybe radioactivity is not so swell for a penis? ya think??

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You're not 'hot' with radioactivity when you leave the room, so I don't think there is any danger to your husband. They 'geiger-counter' you before they let you leave the room and walk amongst the general population.

(Ever see those T-shirts that say "HOT" with the "O" replaced witgh the warning symbol for radioactivity? If I were younger and hotter, I'd have gotten one of those for my bracy sessons!)

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Hi all.

Thanks for the information. I personally don't see why no sex until after Brachy. The only thing that I came up with inner radioactivity. Maybe it's still radioactive internally. Tomorrow is my last treatment.

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Hi, new here to posting....

I found the water dilator just by googling the term. They sound good, but are pricey - and one only can be used for two weeks. I think it would come out to about $500 a year.


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