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my children

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Since I had RCC are my children considered to be higher risk to also get it?


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Hi Kathie,

What type of RCC do you have? Clear cell? Papillary? I do know there is a genetic form of papillary renal cell carcinoma. I think about 80% of RCC patients are clear cell patients and I have never heard of a genetic form of clear cell. I'm sure others can advise, but I'd also ask your Dr. at your next visit if it concerns you.

Good Luck,


Caregiver of father-in-law with Stage IV Papillary RCC

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Hi Kathie,
I am the 2nd and maybe the 3rd generation to have Clear Cell RCC. I went through genetic counseling to see if there was a genetic link. Unfortunately they could not find a link with what they currently know. What they did explain is that heredity is one of the risk factors for kidney cancer but not the only one. I have 2 older brothers and one younger. They have each been checked and have no evidence of cancer. I hope this helps!



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Hi! My mother had RCC and then I had it. I lost my mother but I am a survivor now 11 years. She was in the late stages of RCC and I was diagnosed 11 months after we lost her. They told me it was genetic, Renal Cell, Clear Cell. I had our pathology reports sent off to Bethesda Mariland and they did some research on them. My doctor however is the one who told me that it was genetic. I don't remember what gene is missing, it has been so long. I do hope this helps some.

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