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Shaved head

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I told someone I was going to shave my head for them. I did, unfortunately I can't remember who I said I was gonna do it for. Check my facebook page for proof.

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She lives in Colorado and owns her own business and is red headed and use to have an avatar of her red headed grandson on her post pic....She goes by the name of VickiCo and unlike me you will not see her picture in the post office.....Just kiddin.....

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It was me! I have been absent for a while. I was on vacation, and it was wonderful, and now I am back to work full time, which really wipes me out, so I am seldom posting, but today I popped in here and there was your note!

My hair is now growing back. The nurses said not to be surprised if it was gray & curly...no such luck! It is poker straight and very dark brown. Go figure! Not a streak of red anywhere. I recently stopped wearing hats & scarves, and I am learning to like my new look...although I can't wait for it to be long enough to dye it and curl it!

Thank you for your camaraderie...it means a lot. I don't do facebook...time sucker for me. Shoot me a picture!

Many hugs, Vicki

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That's a separate world. You should post it here

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As soon as I leave this board, I'm heading over to facebook, and I'll check out your head!


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I shaved my head years ago. I did not do it in support of anything. I could lie and say I did it just now for John. Yeah - That`s the ticket. and I did it for all cancer patients around the world...... and Oprah asked me to be on her show..... Yeah - That`s the ticket.

Eric } : . }

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Eric - you are too funny!

Be well,

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