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Does anyone know

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or heard from Limey, Vinny3, JaDot? I hope all is well with them.

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You're an angel to remember us old timers :-)

I am well, which is probably also why I am AWOL again. Just busy living life to the fullest, and then some, probably working too much in spite of your advice.

I did pass my 3rd-after-chemo mark, NED, with a clean bill of health. I am celebrating and rooting for all those who are actively fighting the beast.

Recently read The China Study by T Colin Campbell, and I recommend it highly to every cancer survivor. I find it very empowering to know that good nutrition can beat bad genes. I am now near vegan and loving it, with enough energy to work, bike, run, do weight training.

Again, Nudgie, you're the best! Take good care!


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I just started reading it the other day. So far it really has my attention. Hope to finish it in the next week or so.

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what stage are you Ying?

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I believe Mark (Limey) died late October or early November. So very, very sad.

I found the post from USAKat
Mark's Death

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