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Auto SCT for relapsed HD

LALB Member Posts: 2

I am a caregiver. My husband (58 years old) has relapsed with HD. He had four years of remission with six cycles of ABVD (initially stage 3). His relapse is confined to his neck/collarbone. We are sad, mad, scared, worried, etc.

ICE and an auto SCT are being suggested as treatment. I was wondering if/how I would find a person who had gone through this already to speak with him?

He is generally treated at MGH in Boston but we are also getting a second opinion at Dana Farber in Boston. Does anyone have any opinions that they would be willing to share on their experiences at either of these institutions?

Many thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer.



  • Tom33Mi
    Tom33Mi Member Posts: 5
    i too had a relapse and went through the ice regimen.it wasnt too bad just hated i had to spend 4 days in the hospital getting the chemo compared to the abvd where it was done in the office.i too was to get the transplant but had panic attacks right before and its been delayed.i just wanted you to know youre not alone in this.