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Hi Guys: Anybody remember us? Want to give you an update on Hop and then I have some rather bad news too. Hop is doing great. He's back to helping the boys with numerous projects ie: taking a jeep completely apart and renovating it and putting it back together with NO PARTS LEFT OVER.....LOL. He's doing almost everything he did before. We did sell the Harley tho.
There are many times that he has a "Colon Attack" and litterly has to RUN to get to the bath room on time, so we're limited on travel....or he things we are. Those times make him pretty sick. I'm sure some of you know what he's going thru.
I apologize for not keeping in touch. Things have been very hecktic around here. All in all, God has been oh, so good to us.
Now, the big question of WHY.........WHY....
I've been very, very sick for 10 weeks. 4 trips to the E.R. and finally admitted. Seems I have Leukemia. But so far, the tests show that if you have to have it, I have the good kind that is treatable. And I don't need Chemo or Radiation. Still waiting on results of 2 tests to come back. The PET Scan on a large lymph nodule laying behind and between my bronchi. and lung, which they might have t do surgery on for a biopsy and then the CT Scan of stomach and spleen. My lungs are clear. I hate this waiting
Right now, I'm so very weak, it's taken all my energy just to type this, but I sorta need your support. I know I'm on the wrong subject, but I know you guys....you're like family to me. Frank and Anna Proctor are very, very close to me and I've been in constant touch w/ them throughout their journey. Such wonderful people.
Here's too you all. God Bless you with a wonderful week and praying this finds all of you feeling better than when I last left you
Marygale (((p.s. HI BUZZ)))

tiny one
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It's good to hear from you guys. I'm glad to hear that Captain Hop is doing good but so sad to here your news Marygale. We'll all be saying prayers for you both. You guys have been missed.

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It's good seeing you all back again, but so sorry to hear you're sick, I hope this clears up, and you're able to be rid of it in no time! Glad to hear Hop is still active, and it's really good to see you both back on the board, both of you will be in my thoughts and prayers!


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I hope you feel better soon my prayers are with you


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Hi Marygale,

Yes I definitely remember you and your husband. Anna posted an update on you two, and I just finished replying on that thread too.
I'm sorry to hear what you're now going through but, as you said, it seems to be the "good" kind, if you have to get something. I will look forward to hearing more from you and watching you gain strength and comfort.


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good news about HOP, but will say prayer for you ..........................AMEN

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I am indeed saddened to hear your news. Piffle! It's always something. Cancer sucks! It doesn't matter to me (or most of us here) what KIND of cancer you have, you're welcome here. Welcome back to you both. You have shown nothing but kindness, inspiration and hope to all of us. We are blessed by your return.


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It is so wonderful to see your post and glad that Hop is doing so well, but I am saddened by your news. I remember your post was the first one I saw on this message board when I joined and thought to myself what wonderful people you were. I followed Hops Caringbridge whenever you had an update.

I hope that all is going to go well for you in every aspect and that you get your energy back soon. Keep us posted on you as well as Hop.

Welcome back to the boards.


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Ya know, it seems to me that the two of you are like trick and treat, M and M, Laurel and Hardy, Frick and Frack, OK please bear with me Im getting to the point.....You two individuals are so much like inseparable twins in the fact that the bond between the two of you is so apparent. When Hop was diagnosed you stood right there and everything in your vocabulary was us, or we, meaning that you were as one. Understandable that as one suffers so does the other, caregiver or patient, so goes the hurt. But, to see how you both work in absolute symmetry to get through what you did and come out with the relationship unscathed is certainly a sight to behold. You and Hop have shared everything in your journey and seems to be an even keel at caring, sharing, and responsibilities. Now Hop has the demanding task of being caregiver for you MaryGale so everything that you furnished for him will be returned in loving gestures from him to you.
In simpler terms, he is getting the opportunity to show the love he has for you that you showed for him during his journey. I think its wonderful that you two are so close and I envy the relationship that you have. Even though the thought of having this come up is not fun I think it will be fine and it will end up as it did before, with both of you fine and working like a well oiled machine again.....We love both of you in here and hope to hear nothing but good out of this....God Bless ya both

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You're part of our family, so of course we want you to come here and share your news and get comfort! So glad about Hop, but I'm sad that you have to go through sickness now. Keep us updated on your progress. We'll be praying for you.


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Hi Marygale,
I'm glad to see you come here for support. You were very supportive when Dick was first diagnosed in January. It is good to hear that Hop is doing well. You, dear Marygale, will be in my prayers. I am so sorry you are going through this.


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Hoping you feel better soon..

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