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night sweats

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I was diagnosed with probable renal cell carcinoma in April and
had my kidney removed in June. During the time I was waiting for
my surgery I had many symptoms, including night sweats, which I had
never had before. My biopsy showed a stage one, grade 4, carcinoma.
The margins were clear. My urologist wants me to have ct scans
every six months but said I had a very good chance of not having a
recurrence. I feel really good now, the pain is gone, my appetite
is better, but I have started to have night sweats again. This
has been going on for a week to 10 days. While I was waiting for
my surgery I had a bone scan, which was normal, but I have not had
a pet scan and I wasn't referred to an oncologist because the
tumor was only a stage one. I am getting concerned about why I am
having the night sweats. I don't want to panic about everything
from here on out, but I am not taking new meds or anything
that would also cause night sweats. Of course it is summer, but
like I said, I never had them before and I do have air
conditioning. I am going to call the urologist for his opinion
but wondered if anyone had experienced a similar thing. Thanks.

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This might be too simple of an answer, but you don't imply your age so I'm wondering if it's just a hormonal thing that you have going on?


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Hi Kathie,

I'm 60 and went through menopause about 10 years ago.
I don't recall having night sweats or hot flashes then.
I was kind of hoping for hot flashes since I tend to be
cold all the time, but no luck. I have only had the
night sweats during the time I was waiting for my surgery.


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I can't speak with authority, but you might be getting them even this late in menopause. I started having night sweats and hot flashes and then in very short order they stopped. A couple of years later my mom lost part of her memory. I remember how very shocked I was and almost immediately I began to have hot flashes and night sweats - which have continued for rather more years than I care to count. I'd check out the possibility that stress may have triggered them.


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I had nights sweats before my diagnosis. I think that there might be a connection. I did not know that I was sick at that time and wondered what was up. Don' blow it off. Night sweats mean something. Steve

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I went to my primary doctor and am waiting for some blood work that he
ordered to come back. He could think of no reason for me to have the
night sweats at this time. He suggested I take my temperature when
I wake up with them and see if I have a fever. I did that and my temp was
normal. I have even started to have them when I take a nap on the couch.
It's very odd.


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