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Feeding tube causes intense pain every time I swallow

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I have a feeding tube down my nose/throat, and I get a sharp, stab like pain every single time I swallow. Is this normal? I'm not back in the hospital till Monday, and I'll be asking for them to please give me a g-tube because this is ridiculous. I can't sleep. This is my second night with the tube in. Is it normal for it to be so painful? I'm tempted to pull it out but I'm scared I'll rip my nose up by doing it improperly.
Do people normally have such pain every time they swallow with a feeding tube? I can't even talk; I thought people were supposed to be able to talk even if they have a tube.
I lost 10 lbs the last two weeks and my weightloss has been accelerating, I know that if I pull the tube and just stick with IV fluids I'll probably be 95 lbs by the end of the week since I cannot eat or drink. Iv heard they can provide nutrition through IV but that it's a last resort and it can strain the liver among other things.
I just don't know how long I can handle this severe pain every time I swallow. It's driving me insane, because I have to swallow so often.

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