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I just found this site yesterday by accident. I'm 60 yr young female, had a left nephrectomy 7/10/06. I had no symptoms,just a feeling that I had cancer. My husband died of prostate cancer 3 years before and I thought maybe I was just being paranoid because of that. I really thought maybe ovarian, or colorectal, but kidney cancer never occurred to me at all. My doctor had to really reach for a reason to order a CT scan, but thank goodness he did and there it was. A 3 cm mass on my L. kidney.

I went to a urologist/surgeon and he recommended that we remove the kidney. The 3X3cm clear cell tumor was staged as pT1, N0, and MX, Furman 2.

I did not go to an oncologist on the recommendation from the urologist. I wonder if I should have.... He sent me a paper a few weeks later of a study done on my situation/ tumor grading and there was a 97.1% survival for 10yrs.
I don't think about it too often now, but when I have an ache here or there, it's always in the back of my mind.

Anyone else with similar situation? Did you go to an oncologist?


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Hello Kathie
In April of 2009 my urologist sent me to see an oncologist.
My turmor was 7cm and staged as T3b, Nx, and M0, Furman 2. Clear Cell RCC.
I guess they called it stage 3 because some of the tumor had grown into the renal Vien.
I was told by the surgeon/urologist he got "clear margins" when he removed my L kidney.
However I'm not sure the oncologist I'm seeing has much experience with Kidney Cancer, but she has scheduled me to have an MRI and CAT Scan this September for a follow up. I dont know what else to do, she seem's to be on top of it..just wait and see. I guess I'm on their radar now.
I tried to find an oncologist in the St Louis MO area who did have experience with RCC but was told there were none listed. So I have not elected to travel any where else just yet.
From every thing Ive been able to read so far, Clear Cell tumors under 4cm seem to have good prognosis. If you feel the need to see an oncologist the KCA can give you list or names. Hopefully some will be in your area.


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Been there, done that. T2,N2,M1, Fuhrman II-III/IV, Clear Cell. Original tumor was 12 cm x 13cm x 8 cm. Mets to liver and a set of nodes in 2006; recurrence in a separate node each year of 07 & 08. As long as where-ever it pops up can be removed surgically, there will be no drugs given. For one, Dr's on west coast prefer not to give drugs unless there is a trackable active site to measure. Two-the side effects of the shot-gun approach are harder on the body than a watch and wait approach. I have regular CT scans, have my blood work done and see an oncologist or his nurse-practitioner on a regular basis. Also see my internist to try to keep everything else healthy.
Good luck on recovery. Donna_Lee

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You are close enough to Indianapolis, IN. Go to IU Med center, Cancer Pavilion and see Dr Logan. This is his specialty.

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