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I just moved the OLDEST & LONGEST & BEST thread (below with 393 posts) up to page 1 again

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We have so many new members here with UPSC that I thought it would be good to move up our OLDEST thread up to the first page again. So if you close out of this thread, and have an hour or so to invest, I encourage you to go to the "UPSC, ANYONE ELSE?" discussion thread that I just moved up. It has 393 posts on it, so it loads SUPER SLOW, so when you click on go make yourself a cup of tea so you don't go crazy waiting for it to open.

Last fall there was no Discussion Board just for uterine cancer, and we posted on the Gynecologic Cancer Discussion Board, with ALL of our posts under this single thread. Honestly, this thread tells the UPSC story better than anything else on the web. All of our earliest research in on this thread. There's 5-year and a 7-year UPSC survivor that have posts that will give you hope. You'll meet Deanna and Marge and Peggy and I right after our diagnosis. It's like an amzing story as we worked through having this cancer together. I always thought it should be made into a book, and maybe one of us will do that. But I encourage every woman with UPSC to read that long thread.

Please don't think it just won't open up. It eventually does. But it takes a LONG time because of how long it is, but is well worth the wait. ENJOY!

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