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he was told today they cannot do anything more help

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I need help. My husbands tumors are in the liver he has been through 6 chemos already not one of them worked. Today they told him they cannot do anything now. They told him to get a transplant but he is to risky to do so due to the clots in his portal vein.

Wow what can I say the emotions we are dealing with right now are really hard worse then when we found out he had cancer. For the first time this cancer has really shown a threat to our family we thought all this time there was hope we were positive and thought something good would happen now all hope was taken from me and him. He broke down and cried so hard and I never saw him like that he stated he was afraid, and worried, he has changed and it is the worst thing I have witnessed in anyone.

Can anyone out there help me give me advise what they went through, what I should do next, any suggestions that has helped them with the cancer? Anyone who was given the same advise from their doctor that is willing to tell me what my husband is going through. I am desperate for answers right now and how will I survive through this. The worst fear on both of us is the end and how badly it will be

any suggestions advise etc will help especially on what you think I can do to comfort him more? That is what I want to do more then anything.


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My husband has gone through radiation and several chemo treatment they are telling us the conventional drugs are no longer working, We are on our second trial study, We will start a new one on Monday, They tell us Jack cancer will never go into remission they are looking for a drug that will stall it from spreading, so we are what they call in a holding pattern, He has a peg tube for eating and a trachea for breathing, but we are still fighting the fight, We keep trying the trial studies hoping for a break, but we are in God's hands, I pray every night for another blessed day with Jack, We have the stuggle of the pain mangement everyday and the nutrient struggle, We have been fighting this cancer for a year now, Are there trial studies going on in your town, See we live in Texas where the major cancer research center is, I would look it to some trial studies, Sometime Jack and I feel like we are in a fish bowl waiting for the right bait, we are not sure how the study will go but we also think wow if we don;t do the study , would that have been the one that worked, Jack is not ready to give up hope , He promise me Forever so Im holding him to that as long as his body can fight we will continue to fight and never give up hope

You can write me I could use some support too

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I am truely sorry for what you and your husband are goung threw . My husband died 4 months ago from colon cancer i miss him so . get in touch with hospice my husband wanted to stay at home and that was ok with them . pain meds I was my husbands caregiver he died in pain even with the pain pump in his stomach cavity but he still suffered and i am sorry for that.I was there when ever he needed anything and told him i loved him all threw out the day. We had hope also for 18 months and then the dr says those words and all hope is gone and shock sets in again then you start to hope he does not suffer. I am alone now after being married 35 yrs to the love of my life,he was 53 And i am 51 and i take one baby step at a time I guess i was stronger then i thought because i am goung on . again i will say a prayer and take care i am sorry.


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Hi Kelly:

It's been a couple of weeks since your posting - I'm just coming across it. How are you doing now? I have tumors in both sections of my liver. Right now I'm off treatment. I've had chemoembolization done twice over the past year - did his oncologist every mention that procedure? It might be something to look into. In my case we are looking at a trial and I am going to ask my doc again about radio ablation (RFA) - I don't know if I qualify for it, but am going to ask about it anyway. There are trials happening all over the place - there might be one for him. Most important don't give up hope. I wouldn't still be here if I didn't have hope. I hope you post again and give us an update on your situation. Take care, Roy.

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