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Sorry Guys, Back to work

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Hello All.....I am still alive,just missing in action... I went back to work on the 4th of Aug...been a struggle to say the least....not so much the work, although I need help lifting a motor yesterday, but the incontinence issue raised it's ugly head again. The Doc had me wait 10 weeks before he released me for work, said I needed the extra time, since my job is physical. I had been using only 1 pad a day up until then...now I am back to using 3-4 per....I am still doing my kegels all the time, some days it seems like it does no good...depressing to say the least. But I am still fighting the fight, have an appt the 26th for my 3 month post-op, Dr said I am ahead of most, sure doesn't feel like it....I know it can take more time, ED not a problem, everything working fine there....still, thank God....lol...few weeks b4 going back to work we took a needed trip to Hawaii.....really needed that one, and will be going back in Oct, hopefully...I have always thought I would be fine going back to work, I workout, lifted weights most my life, very active, but the surgery took a toll, I have been so exhausted after work, all I do for now is come home, shower, and into bed...OK, got that out, no more ....
My thoughts go out to all, I have been keeping up on posts, Larry you should be home today, glad Bill your getting along good...

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Good to hear from you again.
I am sorry to hear about your steps back. Just keep your head up and keep going.
I will be going back to work on Monday, kind of anxious and nervous about it.
Take care,

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Hey Jim,
I know of what you describe in this posted comment. At times, I don't even need a pad in place, then out of the blue, Bang !, I sometimes have to "re-pad". Truly not sure what makes the difference in that situation, other than I know it will happen when enjoying even one Coors Light.
And the fatigue thing is for real with me also, I don't have much energy, and hauling wheelbarrow loads of rock up to an upper pasture wears me down after about 2-3 loads. I am very envious of your lack of ED, as that is what continues to trouble me most at this time. And I sure wish I could take my number one wife/nurse/lover to Hawaii !! LOL, we could both use the trip. You hang in there though, we are all cheering you and the other on. It is good to hear that Bill is doing well, and yes, Larry should be home, tied to a rubber tube for a few more days, and probably wondering, "What in the hell did I let them do to me".
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Jim I can tell you for the most part it seems to get better. The first few months after my surgery I could pick up a bag of groceries and feel myself lose control. I'm now at 6 months and I've started back lifting weights, lighter weight, but lifting nonetheless. I will still leak if I'm not careful during lifting, which is why I basically kegel while lifting. It takes the conscious effort of bracing my bladder for each rep. This is quite a victory since I'm able to control my leakage during exercise to a degree. Yes I will still use up a pad after riding my mountain bike,lifting weights etc, but months ago it was impossible. Now if I could control it when I sneeze we would be doing really good. If it's any help, my doctor told me during my 6 month visit that things are still healing and since I have improved in the leakage department, I definitely will get better. He reminded me that I may always need a pad at times or I could cease leaking all together, but it will improve to a degree. I've even enjoyed my favorite JD whiskey from time to time without using up a package of pads. Hang in there man, I'm pulling for ya.

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