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Should I take comfort in some of the test results so far

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I was diagnosed in Feb.09, had a Radical Hysterectomy, one node tested positve, Adenocarcinoma Stage IIIC, grade 2, 6 rounds of chemo, doing external radiation now (25), will start brachytherapy once this radiation is done. My CA 125 levels started at 75, right before chemo and at my last chemo were 7. I had a cat scan for radiation planning that did not show any recurrence, however the doctor explained that this is not a diagnostic scan but if something was there it may show on the scan. My question is "would you take some comfort in knowing that the CA 125 levels were good and the scans looked good".

The last couple days have been tough for me. I start thinking about everything and it gets very overwhelming. I come on this site daily and go through many of the posts. So many of you seem so knowledgeable about Uterine Cancer that I am really hoping for your feedback. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I keep seeing posts that refer to UPSC and I don't know what that stands for. My pathology report says Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma. What does NED stand for?

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Hi! I just started a new antidepressant; a very low dose, cymbalta for depression and pain (neuropathy from taxal). so far so good; I 've only taken one pill. It is good your CA 125 is normal. I know people never considered it good to have a positive lymph node. I had breast cancer about 10 years ago and now it is common for breast cancer patients to have some positive nodes and survive. They haven't been treating this cancer (UPSC) for that long and I believe progress will be made just like progress has been made in breast cancer.

It is very trying on your soul going through this. We all have ups and downs. We all search for what is good in our pathology report; cringe at what isn't so hot. I believe we need all the help we can get; from friends, ourselves, medications, and God!

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There is a whole new vocabulary for cancer that we all scramble to learn:

NED stands for 'No Evidence of Disease'. This is a result that we all hope to see on our CT-scans and PET scans that means if there is any cancer left, it is microscopic and smaller than can be detected on a scan. When we get the results that we have a clear scan, we all say that we are 'dancing with NED', so if you read references to dancing, that's the joy of having 'No Evidence of Disease'. Since you have a clear CT-scan, YOU are dancing with NED! DANCE ON!! That's always a cause for celebration and hope and the best news you can get from a scan.

UPSC stands for Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma, the most aggressive of the Uterine Cancers, a GRADE 3 cancer, that recurs at a much higher rate than other uterine cancers and has a poorer prognosis. If you have a Grade 1 or Grade 2 cancer, you are better off than someone with a Grade 3 cancer. So, please, if any of the scarier discussion talk about UPSC and you don't have it, then you shouldn't be alarmed by that information, because that's not you and you may have other options.

Then there's the STAGE of your cancer; the higher the number (I, II, III, or IV) the more advanced and further along your cancer was when it was diagnosed. Your Stage III is probably because of the lymph node involved. But that's OUT of you now and your CA-125 has dropped to the same level as a person WITHOUT cancer. (less than 35). So, even though you need to complete your initial treatment protocol, you are officially ALREADY in remission! So, please, have hope! You have good reason to be hopeful and happy woith your progress!

I hope that helps. ((((Big hug)))).

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When I read your responses to people on this discussion group who are desperately searching for answers, I am so appreciative and even humbled by the honesty and warmth in them.

You have given your time and experience to calm so many shattered souls. You are their hope.

Thank you,
and I love you for your kindness to us all,


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