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I could only drink 3/4 of it! Did i screw up??

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Tonight was the prep night for me, and i could only drink 3/4 of the golytely crap. Is this going to be a big deal? The effects are slowing down now, and the water isn't completely clear. I can't remember last time if it ever got completely clear. Looks like there might be some stragler stool too, but i can't really tell. Lots of brown mucous. Has anyone else not finished the golytely and have to reschedule the colonoscopy?


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Everybody is different and sometimes they don't clear even with the full gallon. That's what I have heard working in the hospital all though not in the GI lab.

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what my mother did. According to our GI Doc (same stuff, goltely), you don't need to see "clear". A light brown, yellowish color is fine as long as there are no particles coming out. I have never drank the entire jug.

In addition, our GI Doc puts us on a Low Residue Diet for 3 days before beginning the prep which helps with the cleaning out.

Let us know the results and good luck !

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You made it further than I ever did. I had to have my colonoscopy rescheduled because I couldn't even get a 1/4 of the golytely stuff down. I thought if they want me to drink ocean water, they should have sent me to the beach.

I ended up drinking mag citrate for two days...not much better, but not as salty. Also had to be on clear liquids for two days, so made everything come out "clearer". I don't think it was ever totally clear, but they got what they needed.

I hope it works and everything goes okay. Good luck!

Julie 44
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I guess I got lucky all I had to drink was Miralax...It had no taste at all...Ask about for next time.....Good luck with everything...Keep us posted.......JULIE

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I know it! That has got to be the nastiest stuff ever created! My pharmecist is the sweetest thing! She threw in a flavor packet for me that my insurance wouldn't cover, and i thought, "wow, cherry flavoring should be strong enough to mask the golytely...". HA! Nothing like cherry flavored sea water! Once i got passed the three initial gag reflexes of the stuff, i was able to get half of it down in less than an hour. After that it got harder and harder, and since the bottom end of me had kicked in by that time, i just couldn't finish it. I'm a little frustrated to know now that i probably didn't even need to drink as much of it as i did, since he couldn't do the colonoscopy anyway! Now, like you, i have to do it all over again!

Tell me, is there a more torturous cancer than ours?? I really, REALLY want to pray i don't get that one!


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I had to drink 2 bottles of that crap before they said I was done. But, everyone is different, you may want to ask the doc. I was not clear after drinking both bottles.


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Hi Krista, I have always had the golytely. I was always told that I had to drink until it was clear. You seem to have gotten most of it down. Maybe that will be okay. Good luck and I hope you don't have to drink again. Damn, brutal preps.

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krystle singer
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I have had three colonoscopys and one colon resection since Feb. 09. I had to drink 4 liters of whatever that crap is called each time. I made it every time, but each time, I swear I will just upchuck half of it. I found things that help a little. I had some rootbeer right after drinking a glass of the stuff and then chewed astick of Juicy Fruit gum. I also used a straw so that I didn't taste so much of it. Clean out #5 is coming up in December. I dread it. My GI insists on his own prescription so I have no choice. I sympathise and empathize with every swallow someone else has to take.
This Monday I have a CT scan of my kidneys..lost6s less prep, but just as much inner shaking.

Good luck with the Colonost6omy.

:-) Sandi

Fight for my love
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Hi Krista,sorry that you have to deal with it,but I want to say Best luck to you on your colonoscopy.Take care.

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Hi Krista,

I imagine by now you're probably either just having the colonoscopy, or you just had it. I hope all went well- let us know when you're up to it again. Did Dr. Savides perform it? I've been to him twice for flex sigmoidoscopies at Moores.

Hang in there!


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Hoping you did ok with the procdure ..

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Hey, Krista.

I know I'm late with a reply, so this is all probably a done deal. My doctor knew about my difficulty clearing out (an ongoing problem), so he had me 2 Fleets enemas the morning before my colonoscopy. This was after downing all the Golytely I could ever want to drink. YUCK!

I'll be anxious to hear your results.


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Well, all i can say is shyte! I never did run anywhere near to clear, and it was full of particles gallore. I couldn't understand why? I was up all night with the golytely urge, even up to one hour before the procedure, i was still having the runs. The doc doped me up, and went in. What he found was, sure enough, a stricture complete with blockage above it. So i was once again dilated, and once again unable to get my colonoscopy :(

I have to go back in a month to get another dilation, and hopefully the colonoscopy. I'm sitting here freaked out that i have a recurrence, and haven't been able to get a colonscopy since my diagnosis two years ago!! I'm so frustrated. I'm going to call him on Monday and see if i can't get away with half lytely and those biscodyl pills.

Gail, i'm so sorry they made you drink the golytely AND do enemas! What's up with that?

Thank you all so much for your well wishes and advise.

Many hugs,

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The understatement of the year....."the dreaded prep".
KathiM gave me a plan that I really like and use... ....low residue diet 2 days before, clear liquids the day before and here's the best part.......get 3 or 4 frozen margarita mix cans ( non alchoholic)or a big bottle of it; freeze it to slush; blend w/ the prep stuff; put it in a pretty wine glass; enjoy!!! You expect a salty taste w/ margaritas and the ocean water taste is covered w/ the margarita taste. Read lots of magazines in the john, take a dvd player in if you want.

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Thanks, Serrana!! What an awesome idea! You're right, the margaritas taste salty anyway! I swear, Kathi is a genius! I've been trying to figure out how to get around the golytely. I was going to ask my plumber for the half with tablets some people get, but maybe i'll do the margaritas instead. I don't remember what a low residue diet is? Is it the BRAT?

I'm expecting a much easier time now that i'm dilated. It was so hard expelling all the liquid. I haven't used an entire double roll of toilet paper in a five hour period since before i was diagnosed! And the rawness...OMG! We won't even get into that!!! Unfortunately, i waited too long before i started using the wipes.


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