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Son of a cancer patient, just wanted to share something with some of you guys....

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I was hesitant to do this but I figure me and my brothers didn't create one for no one to see, basically as some of you might know, my mom passed away last week and lost her fight with cancer...she fought dearly but the monster took over. I wish all the rest of you great success with your journeys. No one really knows each other well enough to be "friends" per say....some are, but most are just like me, just gathering info and finding hope...my mom has a website that me and my brothers created, you can take a look and see how "real" cancer affects someone's life and how it brings family together.


I feel that this forum has helped my mom and myself regarding different questions, concerns, etc... over her 4 month battle. You guys are every bit a part of her journey during her battle.

I hope you get to see the awesomeness of my mom and have a chance to take a look at a slice of someone's life. GOOD LUCK people!!!

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A beautiful tribute to the memory of your Mother. Thank you for sharing.

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Such a beautiful tribute to your mother. You are all wonderful children. Bless you all... Trish

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That's lovely, Marc. Thank you for sharing! I've been wondering how you're doing and still praying for your family.


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Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your lovely mother and family. You are all very blessed to have had her in your lives and she was obviously blessed to have you.

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...had me in tears, what a beautiful thing to do for her Marc, even though we don't know or never met each other before, I still believe we are all sisters and brothers in cancer, and you are part of our family, thank you for sharing something so wonderful with us, it was awesome, she would be very proud of her children, and know she is up there in the heavens smiling away.


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