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any squamous cell ca of esophagus people out there?

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I was just diagnosed on 7/30/09 with the squamous cell variety luckily right now I am being told in situ. I have had a long history of achalasia and apparently was retaining food in my esophagus which probably has caused this problem. I get an EUS on the 19th and the dr is going to do more biopsies and hopefully suction out the cancer. My PET/CAT scans did not show lighting up in the esophagus or lymph nodes. So the thoracic dr told me it should be 1 cm or less. I will be staged then when he sees how deep anything is. Wondering if someone else on this board was dx'd with in situ and what happened. I am on another board and no one has come forward saying they have squamous cell yet. I am 65, the 70 in my name is for my son's birth year and feel pretty good. After reading the posts here, I know I am so lucky but guess in the back of my mind I know it can change. My best friend has Stage IV lung cancer but is NED and she told me today she was stage 1 for a very short while and went to Stage Iv pretty quickly.If anyone can give me their input from their experiences, I would much appreciate it.

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Hi Donna!

It's very nice to meet you. I think most of us on this board have adenocarcinoma...and I don't have any experience with squamous cell, but I want to tell you that this is a wonderful place to be full of wonderful people!! It's nice to "meet" you!!


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Hi Donna,
I joined last night. I had my esophagus removed on July 20th, Just got the feeding tube removed yesterday. I had Stage one Subcutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. It was multi focal. I joined in hopes someone could tell me nw to learn to eat again. My oncologist is going before the tumor board today to get the vote on whether to go through with chemo and radiation.. Personally I'd like to me aggressive now and hopefully not have to deal with it again in 3 yrs.

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Hi Ivlssbby
Boy sad to hear that you had your esophagus removed. How old are you? if you don't mind my asking. From all that I read you must be doing good to get the feeding tube out in less than a month, but know it must be hard. You should post your new subject and ask all these nice people how they managed to eat and deal with the many problems. I have been reading up on all of this and never heard of multi focal squamous. You are the 1st person to reply that has squamous cell. When my first biopsy was done my gastro did not even know it was cancer and was shocked when it was. I am trying to prepare my husband for the reality that it does not take much staging to be told they want to take your esophagus. Can I ask if your PetCat scan lit up in esophagus? I hope that they will do the best treatment possible for you that ensures a long happy life without recurrences. If it is any encouragement, at this time last year my friend with stage IV lung cancer was practically told it was grave and now she is NED. I am going to the same cancer institute at St. Joe's in Baltimore. I will pray for you and hope they give you the treatment you want. take care,

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Hi Donna I had squamous cell in the esophagus and had the esophagus removed. This was 4 yrs ago and now ned. My tumor was at 7 cm and was NOT thru the wall so i had NO radation and no chemo for it after surgury. The cause is realy not known but I did have Barrets syndrome and acid reflux. Never smoked or drank so that was ruled out, Its a hard surgury as many can tell you but when its over and your better its all worth it . Richard

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Icouldn't have said it better than you did. thanks for all your help.

lori aka moe

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Hi Richard
Thanks for replying. Would you mind telling me what stage your ca was? It is great that you did not have chemo and radiation but it is still a big mind adjustment for me to think about getting my esophagus taken out. Everyone in my family is thinking that after the dr sucks it out today or removes it, I will be done but from what you are saying and what I am reading, maybe not. I appreciate your input and everyone's input that replied. This place has a lot of good info. Wish me luck today is the day!!

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Saying a prayer for you now...and wishing you luck.

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