Clearing Hurdles

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I'm 56 and in Ocala, FL. My wife found this board last week. What a great resource and comfort to see experiences advice from others in same boat. I was diagnosed with T2a/3+3 Gleason on July 2nd. My doctor is Urologist Edward King in Ocala. July was a rough month. I had cataract surgery (unexpected), ulnar nerve surgery on my left elbow(stitches removed today), and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Psa scores always low. Suggest anyone getting Psa tests done to start getting a yearly physical exam. Cancer was found during yearly digital exam. Have already seen oncologist and family doc. They both agree with urologist for "davinci surgery". Dr. King will perform the surgery. The 1st "two" surgery "hurdles" are cleared. The cancer surgery is scheduled for Oct. 1st. Looking forward to getting this over with and sharing my experiences with all of you.


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    Hello and sorry you have to be here. There is a lot of good information on this message board.
    Good luck to you.
    God Bless.
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    Hello and sorry you have to be here. There is a lot of good information on this message board.
    Good luck to you.
    God Bless.

    Sept 3rd Davince surgery
    Mines coming up quick keep u posted .....Nick
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    Cottontop56 Check Out Your Surgeon
    I am in the same boat as you about having a good surgeon for my da Vinci. I have been researching for many weeks to find a surgeon who not only has good/great results but has done hundreds or thousands of surgeries.

    Fortunately for me my insurance allowed me to choose one who has both thousands of surgeries and fantastic success rates. He not only has personally performed an impressive number of surgeries, but has instructed/mentored many of the countries top Urology Robotic Surgeons. I live in Orlando and will travel to Detroit September 15th for my surgery.

    I tried to find Dr. King of Ocala through the internet and research his info on completed da Vincis but found nothing.

    I did find a Dr. that maybe you should look into in Gainesville. He is the Director of Robotic Urology Surgery at the University of Florida College of Medicine. His credentials seem rather impressive. I am sure that he can provide you with the numbers and stats you are looking for.

    This is the link to the surgeon and his contact info;

    Good luck on your search and your surgery.

    NM and I will both be having our surgeries before you and will be posting as much info as we can about the process and results as they occur.

    My wife and I will be adding you and your family to our prayer circles for a successful outcome.

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    Welcome cottontop
    I am over in Dunnellon & I used Dr. Edward King for my Di-Vinci in May. A good friend also used Dr. King. If you would like my opinion on Dr. King & results pls. email me at [email protected]