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*drum roll on NED*

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Have to keep it up for 48 hours.
My CEA was done today- he will know in 48 hours and call me. I am not worried-

He said, "look, you have had a clear colonoscopy in Feb, a non-existent CEA in April, a clean as a whistle CT scan in June- if this CEA is still very low, I am not going to want to see you back for 6 months...."

I like and trust my oncologist, but I have only been off of chemo since Jan, 7 months. I was dx at stage 3B in May 08. He has always been positive that I have licked this devil, but I thought the protocal was every 3 months a CEA and exam for the first year post chemo. ?? Any one with further thoughts?


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Mine says every 3 months for the first 3 years then every 6 months for a year then one more time at the end of the last year.......

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I was DX with Stage II in 2006 and finished my treatments in October 06. Had my first CT Scan in Dec 06 and all was clear. According to my Onc Dr., he likes to do bloodwork and CT scans every 3 months for the first year and if all clear than every 6 months until year 5.
Also, your check-ups will depend on you, your type of cancer (tumor) and what stage.

My care team has stated that they will work with me in the "peace of mind" arena as well.

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I was Stage IIIC , Emergency surgery for blockage ended up cancer and resection, 8/38 lypmh nodes positive. Hospitalized 14 days. Started chemo in Dec stopped end June. Only able to complete 11 sessions due to complications. I am still seeing Onc. every 3 months for labs and CT scan. Just wanted to give you a heads up - when you are done with your chemo it is really an adjustment period. I was so used to going to the chemo clinic 1 or 2 times a week. It was an emotional support for me. I could ask questions and be around other people who were going thru the same thing. It was a hard transition for me. I wasn't aware of this board at the time, it would have been helpful. Just wanted to let you know that as nice as it is to not have to go to the hospital it is also an adjustment. Thank God for this board and the wonderful support.

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After 3 1/2 years NED, I'm still getting blood tests and seeing my chemo oncologist every 3 months and seeing my radiation oncologist every 6 months. (After stage2a rectal cancer.)

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I will be praying for you...I feel that everything will come out just fine no need to worry
Keep us posted................JULIE

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