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Last day was a very tearful one!!

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Glenna M
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H Everyone,

WOOHOO!! I'm finally done, had my last chemo last week and my last radiation treatment today. I just wanted to tell everyone of the wonderful experience I had after finishing today. My husband drove me to the cancer center and was waiting in the lobby for me. When I came out into the lobby two of my sisters were waiting with him and they had cards, balloons and flowers for me to celebrate the end of this long journey. As we were ready to leave the staff told me there was one more surprise - they came out playing kazoos and doing a "happy dance" for me!! After hugs all around there weren't too many dry eyes to be found. They have been such a caring and concerned staff throughout all of my treatments.

They know I will be back shortly to undergo treatment for my lung but wanted me to be able to celebrate the end of the treatment for my larynx. I don't think I will ever forget these people and what they have done for me. I just wish I could think of a really nice way of saying thank you to all of them.

Hope everything is going well for everyone else and you get nothing but good news.

Take care. Hugs - Glenna

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Awesome, Glenna! Congratulations to you and kudos to husband, family and staff of the place! What a most deserved celebration!

While joining you in that 'happy dance' I also wish you the very best with your future efforts. Certainly, it appears, you will be able to count on your family for continuing support. Let us hope that the professional caregivers are as kind, as gentle, as thoughtful, as the ones you have worked with so far.

Take care, my friend.


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The day of my last IMRT we had a similar emotional celebration that I too will never forget. But, one very different aspect was that my Rad Oncol presented me with a Certificate of Completion of Radiation Treatments which basically said "This is to verify that JK has successfully completed 35 IMRT's and as a result now considers himself to be an expert in the subject and will gladly share his advice to anyone that has an interest whether or not they ask for said advice." Too funny.......laughed and cried at the same time. I kept that, as well as my mask.

Now, here's a tip on one thing you can do to pay back that wonderful group of professionals that helped to save your life. Continue to come back to the CSN and other Support groups you may have been involved in. Pay it Forward (great movie by the way) by sharing your experience, advice and compassion with the constant flow of "Newbies" that we see here. It is unfortunate that they continue to appear but oh so fortunate that they have folks like you to lean on.

Congrats again................keep on a keepin on. Stay well.................JK

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